How Social Media Will Help Businesses Succeed Post Quarantine

Social Media | Post Quarantine

The COVID-19 quarantine will not last forever. America’s economy is beginning to open in phases, providing businesses with an opportunity to win favor with clients and persevere during such incredibly challenging economic circumstances. If your business takes full advantage of social media, you stand a much better chance of hitting the ground running as the economy reopens to succeed post quarantine. Finding a to have a more seamless transition from quarantine to regular life will provide your company with solid footing as the economy gradually returns the weeks and months ahead.

Even so, there are countless social media platforms and marketing strategies to consider.  Make prudent use of such platforms in a balanced, strategic manner. A great way to do this is following the tactics our social media marketing strategists suggest. Do the job right, and your customer base will expand when the masses emerge from quarantine.

Engage Your Target Audience Through Social Media
Take a moment to consider what people have been doing while quarantined. Especially in Dallas, TX and Bentonville AR, people have been stuck indoors, staring at their screens. Bentonville isn’t the only place where that’s going on. As a result, many individuals like this are quite receptive to online engagement; particularly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Seize the opportunity to interact with your target audience digitally and they will respond with their dollars.

Aside from text-based interactions, you can engage your audience through Facebook Live video streams, recorded videos, and simply asking for feedback. Make a solid effort to engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. Do the job right, and your business will be at the forefront of the minds making up your target demographic.  This “mental real estate” is sure to inspire both in-person and online purchases as the COVID-19 quarantine ends.

Update Your Google My Business Listing
If your hours have changed as a result of the pandemic, let it be known through Google’s “My Business Listing” section. Update this listing as appropriate to reflect your hours of operation as the economy reopens. It is also in your interest to post new hours to social media accounts and websites.  Fail to make these announcements and run the risk of locals showing up at your business only to find it closed due to a change in hours.

Also, if your hours have expanded to account for the potential spike in demand amidst reopening, posting those new hours will more evenly distribute the influx of customers throughout the day. This is in contrast to jamming said customers all in during traditional operating hours.

Catalyze Interest With Exclusive Discounts on Social Media
Extend an olive branch to shell-shocked customers on various social media platforms by providing exclusive discounts or freebies restricted to online followers. Plenty of customers are hesitant to spend on anything but groceries and gasoline due to economic destruction. A one-time discount or a special offer for loyal social media followers could very well entice them into patronizing your business.

Listen Closely to Your Social Media Audience
This is the perfect time to pay attention to what social media followers are saying. Though reading through customer comments, questions and original posts on social media platforms will take some time, doing so provides valuable insight into what customers are thinking.

Jot down notes as you read through feedback on social media. Adjust posts as well as offerings accordingly.  Carefully create subsequent status updates, discounts, and other online interactions about customers’ post-quarantine needs and wants. Keep such customer desires in mind, and you’ll likely see a spike in business as the economy reopens.

Provide Positive Reinforcement for Customer Testimonials
A surefire way to draw attention to your product or service is to dangle the carrot of an incentive for customers who take the time to post a review. Even something as small as a 5% discount code for social media followers will motivate customers to type up a short review of your business and post it to social media or an online directory.

These testimonials inspire others in the area to consider your company’s value proposition and patronize your business. The best-case scenario is this: a customer who records themselves talking about your business’s merits.  Such a brief video review engages the rest of your audience all the more, owing to its display of positive emotions from a satisfied customer. Additionally, such a video lends your business a more tangible legitimacy much better than the written word.

Use Social Media to Highlight Your Company’s Contributions to the Community
If your business did anything positive for the community during the pandemic, this is the time to talk it. Post pictures, videos, and other evidence of your company’s altruism during the coronavirus quarantine. Such social proof of dedication to the local community makes it clear your team genuinely cares about the well-being of those living and working nearby.

A single status update showing evidence of your company’s contributions during the pandemic has the potential to inspire hundreds–or even thousands–to “like” and share your post, building the momentum for an influx of customers as the economy returns.

Every Social Media Post Should Have a Purpose
Do not fall into the trap of simply posting to social media owing to your natural desperation for new business. Now that people are free to venture out of their homes for purposes aside from essential work and grocery shopping, many businesses will take just such a tactic. You don’t want to sound desperate–you don’t want to be “too thirsty”.

Social media activity should be more purpose-driven than that which will result from some desperate marketing foray. Think long and hard before hitting the “post” or “submit” button. Consider the exact demographic you are targeting with each post. All social media updates should provide value to your audience. This creates an indelible impression inspiring clientele to seriously consider your value offering.

Shift Focus to Your Audience and the Community
This is not a time to harp on the merits of your products or services. Instead, the focus should be on community revival from the pandemic. Demonstrate your business genuinely cares about the community. Provide empathetic discounts and locals will understand your company operates with motivations aside from making a profit.

This is not to say all posts should be strictly focused on the community and the coronavirus pandemic. Mix in information about your company’s offerings covertly. Do it right, and you will have planted a seed that grows in the minds of social media followers, greatly enhancing the chances of future sales.

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