Intriguing Website Design Trends of Today

Web Design Trends

Like fashion and interior decorating, website design continues to evolve and change in accordance with user tastes. This process helps keep websites looking fresh and current. If you are designing a website now, or have a website you want to update, there are a handful of design trends you need to consider. At Simplemachine Designs, we can help craft your perfect website, implementing many of these trends while making your website attractive to current and potential customers.

flat design

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Flat is In
Web design has become increasingly flat. As computer graphics and rendering possibility have improved in recent decades, designers decided to showcase this look on their websites, flooding nearly every page you would see with 3D objects, font with hanging shadows, and nearly anything else to separate text and imagery from the rest of the site. In modernity this trend has reversed. The new consensus is that web design should focus on simplicity; instead pushing the attention of a visitor to one particular object. Adding unnecessary shading and dimensions can make this difficult, which is another reason everything has gone flat. Even the Google font has changed to use a more simple motif (instead of a cursive “g”, it’s a simple “g”). Learning from these trends, you should consider that keeping everything simple helps boost interest concerning important features of your site.

No More Stock
Stock photographs of people working on whiteboards or smiling while they type away on computers is outmoded today. Stock photography is old; it’s dated. This isn’t to say you can’t use images obtained through stock sources,but ditch anything with “figures” in the images. “Hero” images on frontages have become popular, and natural photographs have become more useful. You want to help your customers and clients set their sights on something higher. Proper website design can help you do just this. Stock photography won’t.

landing page

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Landing Page
Your landing page needs to excite visitors, but it also needs to direct them to what’s most important on your site. With proper website design you can do exactly that, and there are a few different ways to go about it. First, a simple, white background is more popular than ever. It goes right along with the “flat” trend. The other option is the aforementioned “hero” image.

A hero image is something that inspires and conjures up the idea of doing great things. Maybe this is a cloudy mountain top, or the sun streaking through a forrest. It is best when such images are not easily distinguishable. The idea is, someone could recognize the image, pushing their thoughts automatically towards their own memories or ideas of the background. This is why the indistinguishable forest or mountain shot works best.

Opt-In is Full-Screen
Previously, opt-in sign-up forms took up just a small amount of the screen. Now, a common design feature is to have it in full-screen presentation. This way there’s nothing to distract the visitor from the available information. You may see an improvement in the number of email accounts and contact numbers you receive by implementing this kind of website design feature. Such innovations can take your website to new levels of design elegance.

You want your website to appear as up-to-date as possible. Most customers want to work with professional, in-the-know companies. The way you present your website has a lot to do with this. So, to ensure your website looks as beautiful as it possibly can using modern looks and design trends, we at Simplemachine Designs can help you out. Contact us now and we will discuss your website vision, and how we can make it a reality.

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