Methods to Grow Your Business With Google Digital Marketing

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Taking advantage of different marketing methods can help grow your business. It is important to utilize a variety of advertisements in order to reach your key demographics and to determine which ones bring in clients with the best return on investment. Google digital marketing is an excellent opportunity for your business and one of the main reasons why you need to look at Simplemachine for your Web marketing needs. Each of these marketing approaches can help boost your online exposure and generate interest while increasing your company’s bottom line.

Claim Your Business

Far too many local businesses do not claim their Google presence. Google knows of a business’ presence, but without someone claiming it, the Google page goes dormant. By claiming your business, you instantly make it easier for local customers to find you. You can also maintain it with up to date product listings, store times, sales and other specials. Google will rank your store higher in searches, both during a traditional search and when looking for nearby businesses through Google Maps and Directions. As long as you provide localized services in Arkansas and the surrounding area, you need to claim your business.

Call Marketing Campaigns

When advertising on Google you can provide a phone number for interested customers to contact you. Ideally, you would use a different number extension for this campaign than your traditional phone number. By doing this, you can learn which Google digital marketing campaigns have the highest return on investment.  Call tracking software can assist with this, if you have a variety of call marketing campaigns in place at once. A major benefit to call online marketing campaigns is a large majority of interested parties who call you will do so without ever clicking on the advertisement. This means you generate a lead without even paying for a click.

Accurate Location Targeting

As a local business, you need location targeting. This way, you can direct your Google digital marketing to specific regions. You may provide services in select areas, which means you likely only want to advertise in these areas. However, without a more in-depth understanding of how marketing on Google works, you may end up using a wide spread approach, which costs you more in advertising dollars. With the help of Simplemachine, you can fine tune your localized marketing and more accurately target specific areas.

Google Marketing Plug-Ins

Google wants to help businesses like yours succeed. When you do well, Google does well, so it is continually creating new Google marketing plug-ins to use. The problem with these plug-ins is that they can be difficult to know which to use and which one will actually help in reaching new clients. You probably don’t have the kind of time to check out and experiment with different kinds of plug-ins, which is why you need to go with a company that understands all of these plug-ins before you try to implement one. Simplemachine is your one stop shop for all things digital marketing, including Google marketing plug-ins.

Online marketing is a continually evolving practice you likely don’t have enough time to stay on top of. With the amount of energy and effort required to run a profitable Google digital marketing campaign, you wouldn’t have enough time to run the rest of your business. That is why Simplemachine is here to assist you with not only your Google digital marketing approach, but the rest of your Web marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more about how Simplemachine can help assist you with your online advertisements while growing your business, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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