NWA DNA Testing

NWA DNA Testing is based out of Bentonville, AR. They specialize in collecting DNA samples and testing for things like lifestyle testing, Ancestry testing, paternity testing, and much more. Testing includes both legal testings admissible in court and non-legal testing for personal knowledge or use.

Project Challenges

This client came to us with a thriving business that needed a push into an updated brand identity. While keeping a similar color palette, our designers worked up a new brand theme and logo that translates onto their new website, business cards, and product boxes. Implementing a versatile logo for this company will help them both expand their services and keep their brand fresh for years to come.


NWA DNA Testing


Project Details

When considering a new logo for your business, make sure to include iconography that represents your business. If you have a business that has branded product offerings, you should consider a branding kit that includes both a formal logo, a wordmark or pictorial mark, and an emblem. Each type of logo will help support your brand in any instance where you may need to represent your brand.

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