Mutty Paws of NWA

Mutty Paws of NWA LLC believes that a healthy, happy pet is a cherished pet. Their commitment goes beyond offering a safe and loving environment; they also prioritize your pet’s well-being through a holistic approach that encompasses healthy meals, regular exercise, and top-notch safety measures.

Mutty Paws provides a safe and fun environment for your pup’s socialization and play needs. They have approximately 6,000 sq feet of indoor space which includes 3 different play areas, various sizes of private kennels, and a grooming salon. Additionally, they have a large outdoor space with various enrichment activities for your pup.

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Project Challenges

Mutty Paws of NWA needed a new WordPress website with an updated design, along with SEO services to gain more leads and traffic for their new business.


Mutty Paws of NWA


Project Solution

Simplemachine created a new website design that will allow Mutty Paws of NWA’s information to be accessed easily by their users. Simplemachine built this website on WordPress and performed SEO to help bring traffic to the website.

Responsive Design

Staying true to the quality of a Simplemachine website, this website for Mutty Paws of NWA is completely responsive across all devices and browsers. It is extremely important to make sure that each of your users has 100% visibility of your website across all devices all the time.

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