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Online advertising has become standard fare for every type of business because it reaches customers where they work, play, and shop. Pay per click advertising (PPC) has become popular because companies only pay for the results they get. Unlike traditional advertising channels such as print, radio, and television, PPC platforms tell advertisers how many times users saw and clicked their ads. AdWords goes beyond basic metrics to deliver detailed information about every click, advertisement, and campaign.

What We Can Offer You

You now understand why your business should use Google AdWords as part of its advertising and marketing strategy. Although AdWords provides opportunities for self-service and self-directed advertising, most people have difficulty learning how to use the system to deliver the maximum benefit. Simplemachine can help.

At Simplemachine, you will be placed with an experienced AdWords specialist, providing businesses with superior results using the AdWords platform. Contact us now to learn more about how our Google AdWords management services. We can manage AdWords for your company and create a custom strategy that will deliver the visitors, leads, prospects, and sales you need for sustained growth.

1. You Get Measurable Results
For over a decade, Google AdWords has rocked the business world by giving advertisers control over their budget and audience. Companies can target audiences with custom messages designed to generate website traffic and sales. Now that AdWords has become synonymous with online pay per click advertising, more companies have sought out Google AdWords management partners who can help them reach their marketing goals. Here you will discover why you should use Google AdWords to boost your business and what we can offer you.

2. You Can Control Costs
No other advertising venue gives users as much freedom to decide how much money they will spend and how they spend it. When you advertise with AdWords, you have the opportunity to set your budget. You can decide how much to spend on each ad, and how much you want to spend per day, week, and month. You also can set limits on how much you spend on each keyword and campaign. The control advertisers enjoy with AdWords makes it the platform perfect for every size of company and budget.

3. You Get Flexibility and Scalability
The AdWords platform lets you define the type of results you want using specific keyword matches. You have the option to advertise to general audiences to build brand awareness, or you can pick keyword phrases that define your market. AdWords ad extensions give you choices about the content of your display ad, including product images, contact information, and links to your website or landing pages.

AdWords scales to include more strategies, audiences, campaigns, and keywords to your advertising effort. This tool also works with you to simplify the management and analysis of large-scale advertising projects. The flexibility of AdWords also gives businesses the ability to extend the reach of their ads beyond the Google search engine by advertising on non-search sites such as Gmail, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.

You can also use AdWords to target mobile users with separate campaigns that let you customize your advertising for mobile users, or you can choose to advertise only to people using mobile platforms. Either way, you have the flexibility to reach the people you want, when you want.

4. You Can Get Fast Results
Google AdWords quickly delivers results at a reasonable price. You can try alternative marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media marketing, but none can deliver results as quickly as AdWords can deliver them. Your first AdWords campaign can get your brand and your message in front of the eyes of likely buyers and start sending traffic to your website immediately. Keyword and audience data accessible through the Google AdWords management console can contribute to the effectiveness of your other marketing tactics.

Even with the synergy created by combining SEO with AdWords, SEO takes a long time to develop into a reliable source for website traffic and sales. Often, businesses get desirable search engine results only after a prolonged, methodical optimization process. Many companies need to get to the top of search engine results pages (SERP) now, rather than later, making AdWords a perfect fit for them. Google prominently displays paid AdWords results above organic search results, allowing advertisers to achieve prominence they need to attract website visitors that can become customers.

5. You Get Relevant Results
With AdWords, you don’t have to spend money pitching your business to people who have no interest in what you offer them. Instead, you get your message in front of business customers and consumers who search Google with keywords that directly relate to your brand. When AdWords matches your ad to their searches, people receive your message and can consider buying from your company. When you want to reach customers in particular countries, regions, or localities, or during certain times of day, it can make sure you get the results that match your criteria.

6. You Reach the Largest Audience
No pay-per-click advertising network delivers the scope of Google AdWords. Google operates the largest Internet search engine, but they also own YouTube, the largest social video website, and an advertising display network that includes more than two million sites. Regardless of your target market, the Google AdWords management platform gives you access to the largest possible audience, giving you the best opportunity to reach people who need what you have to offer. Sure, other advertising networks exist, besides AdWords, but none can deliver the same vast audience.

7. You Can Leverage Re-marketing
AdWords gives you valuable tools that let you re-market your message to past visitors to your website or mobile apps. When people express an interest in your brand but leave your site without buying, you can connect with them again later, cultivating them with customized messages and special offers, increasing the likelihood that they will become customers. The dynamic nature of AdWords re-marketing tools lets you show them the products, services, or other information they viewed as they continue to use Google properties and ad-enabled mobile apps. You can even configure video re-marketing that goes after people who interacted with your YouTube channel. If your company does not have the in-house expertise to coordinate a re-marketing campaign, you can get help from Google AdWords management experts like Simplemachine, who can become your partners in success.

8. Your Competition Uses AdWords
Google continues to rank among the top Internet destinations, making it the perfect place for businesses to connect with prospective customers. As the market for global paid search advertising continues its explosive growth, advertisers naturally turn to Google AdWords to gain access to its millions of daily users. With pay per click advertising almost universally becoming a staple of modern marketing strategies, you can assume that your competitors have already tapped into its resources. As your competitors win sales from Google users, they take money off the table and out of your pocket. Google AdWords management services provided by Simplemachine can help your company reach its full potential.

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