The Advantages of WordPress Content Management

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Using WordPress for your content management needs is a great idea due to it being free, widely used, and generally easy to learn and use. It’s the most popular content management system for websites and blogs and accounts for about 23 percent of the top 10 million sites and more than 60 million websites in total for about 40 percent of all websites. By comparison, the next most used content management system, Drupal, is used on about 9 percent of all websites.

Ease of Use

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest benefits WordPress provides is its ease of use. It’s compatible with virtually all computer platforms, including the many variations of Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You don’t need any special software or equipment to use it, so you won’t need any special training to learn how to use special software or equipment. It will work with your Microsoft Word or simple-text programs and accepts a wide range of media content. Learning to use WordPress is exceptionally easy, too, due to the many free online video tutorials it provides.

Intuitive Templates

One of the primary reasons WordPress is used so extensively is that it’s a very simple program to learn – along with it being free. For every page you want to create and every post you want to make on it, the program allows you to configure your content, place graphics, photos, and videos, include plugins and links, and then edit and publish. The custom templates that you create complement the free templates that already are included and make it possible to simply reuse them with minor changes each time you make a post and update your website content.

Free Plugins Aplenty

One of the greatest benefits of WordPress is the many thousands of mostly free plugins that you can download online and apply to your website and its many pages. A plugin is a special piece of software that you can add quality to your content and improve the all-important user experience that search engines like Google reward with better rankings among search results. A plugin can be entertaining, informative, aesthetically pleasing, redirect visitors to other parts of a website, and virtually anything else that can be imagined. Plugins can help to keep your website visitors engaged and on your site longer, which improves your SEO rankings and site performance.

Caveats of Using WordPress

Care must be taken when using WordPress, even though it is a relatively simple and easy program to use. One mistake could eliminate a webpage or possibly crash your site if you are not careful. Among common problems when using the content management system is uploading content that results in slow performance and potential website crashes. The two most common ways that is done is by uploading unintended script applied by Word or other word-processing programs or by uploading a photo or several photos that are too large for the site. You can avoid script conflicts by converting all files to simple- or plain-text or by using a simple text program before uploading via WordPress. All photos should be optimized for the Web before uploading them, so that your site and page will load quickly with no loss of performance.

Benefits of Third-Party Management

The best way to ensure your WordPress management is handled properly is by using a third-party vendor that is skilled and experienced in using it. Simplemachine is one such vendor with a great deal of experience using WordPress. Please feel free to contact them and learn more about how they can help you today.

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