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Most companies realize the importance of digital marketing and advertising. With so many voices vying for consumers’ attention, though, how do you differentiate your message from competitors? Here are 3 tips to help your digital marketing and advertising campaign stand out.

1. Prioritize Informative, Quality Content

Some of the most effective digital marketing and advertising campaigns don’t feel like advertising at all. An excellent way to market your brand is to maintain an informational blog that educates people on your industry. For example, if you have a music shop, you might post articles about instrument care and maintenance. Then, when someone searches “how to change guitar strings,” they would find your blog post on the subject, which contains a link for purchasing strings from your shop.

Your blog will serve as an introduction of your brand to potential customers, so make sure you’re making a good first impression. Invest in high quality writing and an attractive layout, and commit to a consistent schedule for posting content. This will increase the ROI of your digital marketing and advertising campaign.

2. Incorporate Multimedia into Your Digital Marketing and Advertising

With so many messages thrown at people as they browse Facebook or surf the web, users appreciate catchy, visual content. Well-designed infographics and interesting videos capture consumers’ attention and make them want to share your advertising with others. Don’t let yourself get held back by common myths about video marketing. Instead, create a variety of multimedia content, allowing multiple ways for customers to engage with your brand.

Some ideas include:

  • Make an informative infographic debunking common myths about your industry.
  • Produce emotionally engaging videos showcasing how customers use your service.
  • Record short podcasts with troubleshooting tips.
  • Create funny gifs highlighting new products.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

Consumers spend more time now on their mobile devices than on personal computers, and so it is critical to create content that is easy to view, share, and interact with on mobile devices. If people experience frustration while accessing your digital marketing and advertising on their phones, you’ll quickly lose them.

Here are a few things you can do to make your digital marketing and advertising more mobile friendly:

  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate with a mobile device. Can customers access all your menus? Do you have flash plug-ins that make your website unviewable on smartphones? How easy is it to make purchases from a phone or tablet?
  • Use native video on Facebook or Twitter. Native video ads play immediately when users scroll down their newsfeed, guaranteeing that consumers see at least a few seconds of content to catch their attention. Add subtitles so users can still engage with your content when they have the sound turned off their devices.
  • Consider adding NFC codes to offline marketing. This enables consumers to instantly respond to your call to action. Someone is more likely purchase your product if they can do so immediately after seeing your message, rather than having to wait until they get home.

Ready to incorporate these tips into your digital marketing and advertising campaign? Simplemachine has an array of services to help your company maximize the effectiveness of your branding, website, and content marketing.

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