How to Optimize Your Mobile Pages and Drive More Phone Leads

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In this day and age many business owners are using modern technology to reach out to more viewers to gain more attention/traffic to their websites. Many websites are now becoming more easily accessible to the mobile phone because so many consumers have demanded it. Almost everyone has a mobile phone in some form with most of them being smartphones, so here are some ways to help optimize your website to boost your phone leads.

Make it Easy for Your Customers

When you are research for a business like lets say pizza delivery, most people don’t like going on the mobile website to build their pizza and fill out a bunch of forms to get a pizza delivered to them.  About 39% of people with smartphones would rather have a “click to call” button somewhere on their website to make it easier for them.  The problem with this is that 96% of mobile websites don’t have a “click to call” button on their site.  Some websites have used an NFC code to help minimize the call of action.  The NFC codes are little codes that some companies have put on their ads such as posters, so that a person with a smartphone can scan it and it will then take them directly to a page where they will need to go to make a purchase such as concert tickets.

Track Your Traffic

Other companies have used vanity numbers on their websites to get their phone leads up.  Using a vanity number has been proven to have a recall rate of 75.4%.  There are several ways to calculate this data and one of them is by simply having a call tracking system.  This system keeps track of how many calls are being generated by using the vanity number.  There are some companies though, that have a memorable number and they use a single number tracking system which helps them keep their vanity and tying caller data together.  Since some companies are keeping track of this data, they are using Google Analytics to view their results.  They are also using heatmaps to keep tabs on which buttons their customer’s are clicking on the most when visiting their website to determine what it is their customer’s are interested in.

In conclusion, if you follow these steps you will improve your phone leads drastically.  To view more information about improving your phone leads and making your website more mobile friendly for inbound and outbound leads – visit Simplemachine today!

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