Top 5 Google Digital Marketing Tools You Should be Using

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It’s no secret that Google is the end all be all when it comes to marketing your business. While Google seems to be a big enigma for people, the fact of the matter is that Google wants to help you create a strong digital presence and offers a multitude of tools and applications to help your company grow.  We’ve compiled a list of the top Google digital marketing tools to strengthen your online presence.

Top 5 Google Digital Marketing Tools

1. Google My Business

If you do a search for a type business you will notice that at the top there will typically be a map and a list of places near your location that match you search. These businesses have setup their Google my Business page allowing them to be pushed to the top of the search results.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably one of the most important Google digital marketing tools as it provides an inside look into your site visitor’s behavior, how they found your page, and what makes them convert or not. Google Analytics can help to answer what’s working for your site and what’s not.  While Analytics is great you still need a more in depth look into your site in order to strengthen your marketing funnel.

3.  Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously Webmaster tools, is an analytics tool that helps you to see how Google sees your page. It can detect and display errors on your page, show what pages are linking to you, search results, and more.

4. Google Alerts

With Google Alerts you can setup alerts for certain keywords, such as what’s trending, your own business, or your competitors this way you can always stay ahead of what’s happening in your industry.

5. Google Ad Words

Now that Google has removed the text ads on the right side, text ads are  an even more important tool to add to your digital marketing. By setting up a Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign you are guaranteeing your page is shown at the top of the search results.

All of these tools are great at strengthening your digital marketing but are time consuming to manage. We can help setup and mange these tools and more. Contact us to get started on building the best Google digital marketing plan.

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