Top Web Design Trends of 2015

Web Design Trends 2015

There are many obstacles facing marketers and designers as they work on new brands in 2015. But there always seems to be a pattern in new trends and how they are being adopted. Top Web Design Trends of 2015 has incorporated a lot of these ideas, and the best brands are looking at some of the below to both beat the competition and fit into it at same time.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is probably the most innovative design option here. It involves two or even more layers in the design. There’s a top layer that contains the bulk of the contents. As a user scrolls down through the content, this top layer will move. But beneath this top layer will be a deeper layer of content that is stagnant or moving in opposite direction. In a way, it is designed like Swiss cheese. The top layer is the cheese, and the bottom layer is moving in the oppositional direction and pops up through the holes. This creates this dizzying effect that is visually satisfying.

Card Design

Card design plays on that idea of simplicity. It is creating content on a website that can be refined for a business card. It is sort of like a mix between the landing page in a home page, where the content is refined to its purest form. Card design is very geometric, usually relying on nice rectangles to layout the website.

Simple or Minimal Design

Apple is the master of the minimal design. They created an incredibly powerful and influential brand on this idea of simplicity and minimalism. Companies have since tried to mimic their branding choices to the point where he became a bit derivative. Minimal design is an important trend, but not exactly in color selection. It is more about keeping the content minimal to keep loading speeds down.

Page Speed Optimization

This leads directly into page speed optimization. Websites that load slow will never become popular. They just don’t have it in them. Users have so many things they could be doing on their mobile device or their home PC, that a slow loading page is just not acceptable. Designers are keeping content so streamlined so as to make it incredibly fast.

This selection of Web Design Trends 2015 will push the envelope even further, and hopefully help make way for new trends that will evolve design to even greater heights.

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