Two Things that Will Make or Break Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

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Online promotion is all the rage in today’s market, and if your company isn’t practicing business to business digital marketing, then you’re missing out on the biggest opportunity available to you. Believe it or not, this internet realm isn’t just for B2C-focused companies. Business to business digital marketing can make a significant impact on your bottom line when used properly. Take a look below for two crucial elements that make a successful B2B digital marketing campaign.

The Power of the Blog

Today’s consumer seeks to learn about companies and their products and services through interesting content, rather than out-of-touch ads. This is especially true of the business customer. These are professionals you’re dealing with, and they’ve seen all the sales tricks. They crave information that is useful, relevant, and educational. This is where business to business digital marketing comes in.

Blogging is the easiest, most effective method of getting that content out into the online space. It allows you to establish yourself as an expert, which is more important now than ever in B2B marketing. And blogging isn’t just about creating great content; research shows the more a company blogs, the more new leads it acquires. At a loss for what to blog about?

Consider the following tips:

  • Read your industry’s trade magazine for ideas.
  • Interview a thought-leader within your niche.
  • Create how-to lists that answer common questions among your audience.
  • Invite guest bloggers to write for you.
  • Diversify your content with videos, photos, and different types of content.

Following the advice above is a good start to growing your blog and creating an excellent business to business digital marketing strategy. And remember, quantity is important. Try posting regularly, at least one to three times per week, and stay consistent for the best results.

The Connected World of Social Media

Your business to business digital marketing strategy should always include social media. But not all social media sites are created equal. When you’re trying to reach a professional audience, LinkedIn is your best option. While it’s certainly beneficial to connect with users on the most popular sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, your main focus should be LinkedIn. This network is business-focused, so the traffic on it is more qualified than that on other sites.

LinkedIn is the place professionals go to find valuable business connections. But it’s not an effective business to business digital marketing strategy to simply create a profile; you need to be active. Join and be vocal in your industry’s groups by replying to comments and participating in discussions. And again, remember that consistency is key.

It’s no secret that reaching customers looks much different now than it did even ten years ago. Is your company still in the game, or do you need to re-evaluate your efforts? With business to business digital marketing, offered by Simplemachine, you’ll increase brand awareness, gain new leads, and set yourself up as an industry expert. To create an effective business to business digital marketing strategy that can set you up for success, give Simplemachine a call today.

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