Upcoming Google Update in June | Routine Search Algorithm Update

Google Updates Coming in June 2021

Website owners who have been around for a while know they must be prepared to make changes when Google routinely updates its search algorithm. Less experienced webmasters often overreact to these updates because they may suspect it all favors large corporations over small businesses. But once you understand the direction search bots keep moving – toward quality content – you can take the steps to benefit from the change.

Google Page Experience

Sometime in mid-June 2021, Google plans to unveil its new algorithmic update called Google Page Experience along with some new tools. With this update, Google will measure “page experience signal measures,” to gauge how visitors perceive the content of a web page. This change for now just applies to mobile device experiences and is an attempt to push mobile sites toward higher-quality experiences. It may also push sites with poor user experiences out of the top ten search results.

Key Upgrades for Your Website

Loading Speed – Does your site load slowly? If so, you’ll need to speed it up to stay relevant to Google’s search bots, which will be looking to penalize sites that take forever to load. New visitors to websites typically give a site no more than 20 seconds to load before moving on. Slow-loading sites are often the result of excessive graphics or heavy applications on the home page. Ideally, a desktop or mobile site loads in 3 seconds or less.

Fix 400 Errors – Another issue that hurts the user experience involves “400 Bad Request” errors, such as broken links or corrupted data. Broken links can occur when the wrong URL is used – such as when one character is off. They may also develop when web pages get taken down without deleting the corresponding links. Sometimes old errors appear on the client’s browser that can be fixed by clearing browser history. You can detect and correct the errors on your web pages with a Google Search Console account.

Audit Your Site

Use your Google Search Console account to audit your site, which will give you an On-Page SEO Score. You’ll also see data on organic monthly traffic, organic keywords, and backlinks. The platform further provides a site health check that reveals number of healthy pages vs. those that have issues. You’ll learn about the site’s critical errors, warnings, and recommendations for fixing errors.

One of the primary reasons businesses outsource to web development firms that include digital marketing experts is to avoid getting too sidetracked by events like Google updates. Not every company employs web development talent, so it helps to outsource to a digital marketing team that works with multiple businesses. This team can audit your site and do what needs to be done to comply with Google Page Experience.

Another step an expert team can take for you is to compare your site’s SEO strength with competitors. From there you can develop ideas on how to overshadow your competition by offering an exclusive blog series, which can be crafted by your digital marketing team.


Keeping up with web development is a comprehensive task due to continuous technological changes and Google updates. Many small companies simply must devote their time to their core products and services, so they outsource to seasoned experts to manage their websites. Contact us a Simplemachine to learn more about enhancing your website experience to make it ready for the next Google update.


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