Web Marketing Strategies Every Business can Benefit From

Online Marketing Strategy

When it comes to attracting the modern day customer, conventional outbound advertising efforts like placing ads on TV and radio no longer suffice. Though these traditional marketing strategies can reach the masses, they must be used in tandem with inbound marketing efforts. The beauty of a sound web marketing strategy is that it taps into the customer base that matters most: Those who are actually interesting in the products and/or services your business sells.

Web Design is a Legitimate Marketing Method

The look, feel and user experience of your company’s website matters a great deal. Simplemachine has the web design gurus you need to build and maintain a polished, user-friendly website that converts prospects into paying customers. Our web design experts know exactly what customers are looking for when they visit a business’s website. If your page is not clean, interesting, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, you will undoubtedly lose customers.

Content Marketing 

One of the most effective ways to reach your target customers is through online content marketing. Though it might seem a bit irreverent to lean on something like a blog to attract customers, this marketing strategy works surprisingly well. A customer who arrives at your website and finds captivating content is highly inclined to respect your business as an industry leader.

It isn’t just your website’s homepage content that matters. Content marketing spreads to social media, blogging, guest posts on other websites and beyond. A continuous flow of insightful material that really speaks to customers, their problems and their needs/desires will inspire them to re-visit your website and patronize your brick-and-mortar location(s).

Pay-per-click Online Advertising

Relying on pay-per-click ads to steer traffic toward your website is often more effective than shelling out big bucks for conventional outbound ads in newspapers, magazines, radio or TV. Pay-per-click ads appear on search engine results or other relevant websites to attract web surfers to your website.

Each time a prospect clicks your ad, a small fee is paid. This way, if few people actually click your ads, you won’t be on the hook for a massive advertising bill. Give pay-per-click advertising a chance and you will question why you ever bothered with traditional outbound marketing methods that reach large numbers of people, many of whom have little-to-no interest in your business’s offerings.

The Power of Search Engines

Take a moment to think about what your customers are most likely to do when they need your company’s particular products and/or services. The contemporary customer is less inclined to ask his social circle for advice or open a phone book. He will likely whip out his smartphone or hop on his laptop/tablet to perform a web search for what he needs. He’ll type in the product and his town into the search engine. He will then click some of the results on the first page or two.

Ally with Simplemachine and we will help your company’s website make it to the first couple of pages of search engine results. Our SEO efforts even have the potential to catapult your company’s website to the top half of the first page of search results. The importance of this positioning cannot be understated. Though a SEO push will take some time to bear results, it will undoubtedly attract interested customers who are ready to shell out money for exactly what your company sells.

Simplemachine has Perfected the Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs

We know web marketing inside and out. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation so we can tell you more about how our effective online marketing campaigns will spike your sales.

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