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A website is the most valuable asset for a business owner. It gives you a global presence and allows you to reach every market segment. A website for your business also serves as the front door for traffic and leads and can help you nurture and convert sales.

For this reason, every organization needs a fast, optimized, and professional website that addresses core business requirements and the needs of customers. Fortunately, you can now find professional web development services right here in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Who Are We?

Simplemachine is a Bentonville, Arkansas-based professional web development company and digital marketing agency.

We help small and medium-sized businesses acquire and maintain highly professional websites for maximum profitability and user experience. More importantly, we provide basic digital marketing services, including search engine optimization and graphic design.

Our primary goal is to help local businesses become more competitive through digital marketing initiatives without putting a dent in their pocket. We work with all types of businesses, from online retailers to small law firms, HVAC and plumbing companies, and local mom-and-pop shops.

What Do We Do?

Simplemachine offers three main services, web design and development, graphic design, and WordPress hosting.

  1. Web Design and Development Services

Simplemachine is the go-to WordPress web developer in Bentonville, Arkansas. We make beautiful, professional websites that attract leads and convert sales.

Our web design services focus on vital features to give you an edge over your competitors. These include;

  • SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) helps websites rank better on search engines for maximum visibility, traffic, and brand recognition.
  • Responsive design: Most digital consumers access the internet through their phones instead of PCs. Therefore, Simplemachine websites are fully mobile-optimized.
  • CMS integration: WordPress boasts an inbuilt Content Management System (CMS) to help website owners easily publish and manage blogs and articles.
  • Local optimization: Local businesses need local SEO for greater visibility in their neighborhoods and a better ranking for local searches.
  • User experience design: Simplemachine recognizes the need to build websites that users love and enjoy browsing. Therefore, we build fast, clean websites that are easy to navigate and incorporate visuals and modern design features to keep visitors engaged.

Besides building new websites from scratch, we upgrade old sites and offer site maintenance services.

  1. Graphic Design Services

Simplemachine offers several graphic design services to complement our web design offers. These include;

  • Branding design
  • Logo design
  • Brochures

Graphic design elements help businesses stand out from the crowd through insightful messaging and carefully-crafted visuals. Logos and general branding also increase your first impression and generate more traffic and leads.

  1. WordPress Hosting Services 

Finally, Simplemachine offers reliable and cost-effective WordPress hosting services. Our WordPress hosting services offer better value than competing services for several reasons;

  • A WordPress website on a WordPress host is a match made in heaven.
  • Simplemachine’s WordPress hosting service guarantees 99.9% uptime.
  • All our hosting services are SSL certified for maximum security.
  • We guarantee fast load times and optimal overall performance.

Why Choose Simplemachine?

Simplemachine is your best bet when searching for a website designer and digital marketing agency for many reasons.

First, we’re a family-owned, local agency that understands the challenges other small and medium-sized businesses face. Therefore, we commit to walking with you every step of the way toward your goals.

Secondly, Simplemachine is a one-stop shop for all digital marketing services. Whatever you need, we probably have it. You don’t have to search elsewhere. Above all, Simplemachine offers exceptional customer service to help you stay on track the entire journey.

Contact Us

Contact us today toll-free at 877-524-6325 or visit our Bentonville, Arkansas offices to speak to a Simplemachine professional.

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