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Web Design Trends for 2021

Web design trends often come and go, but timeless principles can form the basis of long-term solutions. Remember in any era to make sure your site is fast-loading and has easy-navigation. From there every website needs to publish captivating content on web pages, as Google and other search engines continue to favor sites with strong expertise and authority. Here are key web design trends to look for in 2021.

  1. Parallax Effect

The parallax effect is a form of animation created when foreground and background elements are separated in an extreme way. An optical illusion is created as near objects appear to move faster than distant elements. It’s similar to the effect of what a driver or passenger sees in a car as they pass through the scenery. Parallax animation helps make web pages look more artistic.

  1. Return To Minimalism

Several signs point to a growing emphasis on minimalist approaches to a wide range of industries including web design. The lean approach helps ensure faster-loading web pages while it reduces clutter and increases white space. Keeping content simple for both mobile and desktop users has been an ongoing trend with the proliferation of devices with small screens. In other words, web pages are looking less busy.

  1. Unique Abstract Art

Adding imagery to a website is important to attract an audience to your web content. Look for wild abstract designs to flourish in 2021 as symbolic of free expression and originality. A combination of abstract squares, circles and other shapes mixed together is an easy way to create an original abstract design. You also might experiment with unconventional color schemes and 3D effects.

  1. Scrolling Transformations

Web developers now emphasize a good scrolling experience that allows users to spend as much time as they want with the interactive content they choose on a website. As users scroll through a web page, they interact with it in ways that contribute to detailed analytics of the experience. Scrolling should be seamless for desktop or mobile users. Some sites are shifting to horizontal scrolling as an improved user experience.

  1. Gradients

One way to freshen up your site’s appearance in 2021 is to add gradients to the logo. Adding gradients can give the brand’s appearance more depth and a sense of authenticity. Since the real world is full of gradients rather than flat colors, gradients look more natural. The rebranding of Instagram in 2016 featured a new gradient logo that has influenced many brands to embrace gradients again.

  1. Large Typography

The trend toward large typography on web pages is driven by the fact that large type is simply easier to read and can grab attention faster. Web developers are looking for ways to win over audiences faster without getting carried away with hype. Be aware of SEO guidelines so that you don’t over-emphasize lean content with large type throughout the site.

  1. VR and AR Showrooms

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are technologies that are steadily moving into the mainstream. VR headsets have grown popular through video games but are starting to be used for other things.  Some advanced websites are starting to offer virtual showrooms for users with VR headsets and appropriate browsers.


Monitoring the latest web design trends can help you freshen up your site. You don’t need to implement every trend that comes along because it can create a lot of extra work. Embrace the trends that make sense for your industry and website. Contact us at Simplemachine to learn more about how we can handle your web design needs from start to finish and beyond.


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