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Are you a Northwest Arkansas-based service provider or small business owner? Are you planning to take the next step by developing a website to reach your audience better and break into new markets? Alternatively, do you own an outdated website requiring an upgrade?

Simplemachine is the website company of choice in wider Arkansas. Located in Bentonville, we provide professional web design and building services throughout Northwest Arkansas, from Springdale to Fayetteville and Centerton.

Who are We?

Simplemachine is a family-owned and operated digital marketing company specializing in website design and complementary digital marketing services. Primarily, we offer WordPress design. However, we also provide web redesign and optimization services. Also, you can ask for graphics design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization services.

Our company prides itself on helping local businesses get online. But more importantly, we’re excited to see local champions go toe-to-toe with established brands.

We work with small businesses in all industries, from electrical to plumbing and roofing. Real estate agencies, interior designers, lawn maintenance companies, and equipment/machinery sales stores are also welcome.

Our Website Design and Development Services

Simlemachine designs, develops and maintains personal, professional, and enterprise-level WordPress sites.

The design phase involves understanding your needs and building the framework for a powerful website. For instance, it involves designing the right navigation to retain visitors and generate return traffic. Also, this is where we select the right blend of fonts and colors for maximum impact. Then the development phase ensues, which includes building the right user interface elements, adding content, and setting up images and videos.

Note that we design websites with search engine optimization in mind. For instance, we ensure optimal internal link building to facilitate site crawling. We also optimize the load speeds by addressing technical SEO. Fast-loading websites generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

Additionally, we offer the following web design and development services;

  1. Responsive design: Do you wish to be found as easily on mobile devices as on personal computers? Responsive design is the answer. It guarantees beautiful mobile sites that are easy to find and navigate.
  2. Search engine optimization: Proper search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank at the top of search engine result pages. The result is increased traffic, leads, and sales. It also increases your visibility and brand value.
  3. Local search optimization: Many small businesses serve local customers rather than a global audience. If so, you should optimize your marketing messages and offers for local searches. You can count on Simplemachine to help with local optimization.
  4. Third-party integration: The best WordPress websites combine multiple third-party plugins and add-ons for maximum productivity and the best user experience. Again, SimpleMachine can help you identify and integrate the right third-party solutions. These include accounting software, calendars, social media, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.
  5. Graphic design: Graphic design elements are indispensable during web design. For instance, you need banners and flyers to advertise offers and product launches. Similarly, you need social media icons for seamless integration. Simplemachine can help here too.

Why Simplemachine?

Several website companies claim to offer the same services, sometimes at better prices. But Simplemachine stands apart for a few reasons;

  • We are family–owned and operated.
  • We are a pro-local small business
  • We’re an all-in-one digital marketing agency
  • We have a physical address if you want to visit us

Contact Us

If you’re an Arkansas small business owner, the search for a website company “near me” ends today. Simplemachine offers all the WordPress design and development services you need to launch a strong online presence. In addition, we provide every complementary digital marketing service to make your online presence a success. Contact us today at 877-524-6325 to get started.

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