Why Consistency in Branding Is Important For Business Success

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It is quick and easy to create eBooks, blog posts, and various other types of content assets in the modern age. A simple idea can transform from concept to completion so fast that brand consistency is never scrutinized. All you need is an internet connection and typical business software for your employees to develop content with their interpretation of branding, which may not follow the company’s idea.

Do not leave your brand open to customization and interpretation.

A constantly changing brand personality does not sit well with your demographic. For this reason, it is essential to develop standards for online and offline brand consistency. All interactions your customers have with your brand must represent brand values and promises.

What is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is the array of expression impacting how consumers see your company. The more consistent the message, the more consistent your branding is viewed. Brand consistency envelops design, words, perspective, and offerings. With all aspects of your brand, branding must generate awareness. It must create loyalty and trust with your target demographic.

Why Consistency in Branding is Important

To ensure brand consistency, it is important to further understand the details of why it is important to your company’s success.

Brand Recognition

Have you ever seen an advertisement on television, walked past a billboard, or read an ad in a newspaper and was immediately aware of the company’s message? Most recognize Geico, Neutrogena, and Old Spice commercials without even hearing the name. These are perfect examples of brand recognition and consistency. Major brands maintain their image so they can be easily recognized as quality.

If these companies posted Tweets at the same time daily but lacked a consistent logo across every platform, consumers would purchase less due to the confusion and discrepancy. Brands with unique branding and consistency will benefit from easy identification which grows the brand, saves money, and builds trust.

Build Brand Equity

The last goal of every company is to waste money, which is exactly what inconsistent branding does. Some organizations spend thousands of dollars creating a logo and crafting a message, only to have that work be destroyed by a sloppy application.

Consistent branding protects those investments and builds brand equity in the long run. This equity is developed due to brand recognition and customer loyalty. When building a new company, brand consistency must be a driving force across all communication. This creates a consistent branding foundation for which the company can grow.

Create Awareness

Another important reason for consistent branding is to create awareness. There is a higher probability of customers purchasing from a recognizable brand because of a consistent content schedule and image. Therefore, it is important to maintain both with regularity.

Visual and digital content must be uniform so your potential consumers know what to look for and when. Posting content at similar times each day further supports brand consistency.

Visual content must consistently show the same photo quality, logo placement, and color theme. Digital materials must be consistent with these characteristics. Brand consistency creates awareness, allowing customers to immediately and easily recognize your brand.

Create Dependability

Awareness, dependability, and trust work hand-in-hand to retain existing and gain new customers. While brand recognition gets your name out there, it also helps customers get to know the brand on a more personal level so they can connect. It is common knowledge that purchasing is an emotional decision and not a practical one.

Hitting the right emotions with consumers makes them feel that they can depend on your brand because they know it so well. They know the quality and service level they are receiving with your brand through the emotional connection.

Remember, since you are also a consumer, remember why you purchase the same brand of facial scrub, fragrance, or milk – it is predictable and consistent enough to meet your needs.

Develop Trust

Imagine having a friend who constantly missed or ignored your phone calls, regularly broke plans, and did not return important text messages. It is unlikely you would rely on that individual. The same idea applies to consistent branding.

According to Global Banking and Finance, 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a name they trust. Much like a friendship, developing a reputable image is critical to the success of your business. Being trustworthy is an impactful characteristic of all successful brands so establishing branding trust will foster growth.

Generate Memorability

The power of repetition is observed in your daily life ranging from the classroom to movies to reading online articles. This is the reason why pneumonic devices, lists, and flashcards are effective. The more often potential consumers hear, see, or experience a product or service, the more likely they are to remember it. Everyone can recall jingles heard repetitively and can identify printed logos in print and digital media just because of the number of times you have been exposed.

If you want a memorable brand, ensure your messaging is frequent and consistent. The more often your current and potential customers hear, see, and experience your branding and advertisements, the more they will remember your products.

Higher Level Marketing

Without seeing a slogan, brand name, or sale price, you may think about the Target shopping experience. Each time you walk into a Target, you know what you are getting from service level to product variety to price.

Consistent branding takes your brand to the next level of marketing without convincing consumers to buy your product or shop at your store. Instead, your branding is so synonymous with the consumer experience that when customers see your logo, they are already considering making their next purchase from you.

Increase in Revenue

According to the Lucid Press, the average revenue increase related to brand consistency is 23%. This percentage can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line. It is common knowledge consumers prefer consistent brands in their logos, messaging, and marketing efforts so do not miss the mark.

Perception Management

Branding consistency also manages customer perceptions. When brands don’t change, expectations do not change. By delivering a consistent brand experience, customers know exactly what to expect.

Starbucks does an excellent example of managing perceptions. Each time customers visit Starbucks, whether, in Maine or California, they know exactly what to expect. The products taste the same.

Delivering a reliable experience to customers while ensuring your tone and voice are consistent will generate a new audience and retain the existing. Consumers prefer dependable branding and a marketing strategy encompassing all aspects of the company including logos, social platforms, and print media. The key to creating a successful strategy is ensuring consistent and memorable messaging is portrayed to the consumer.

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