Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard the term Search engine optimization, or SEO mentioned in reference to websites and blogs. But, what is search engine optimization, why is it important, and how does it help your site succeed?

In simplest terms, Search Engine Optimization is a process used to drive free organic traffic to a website or web page via search engines. Commonly referred to as SEO, the goal is to affect rankings by creating an environment that promotes high search engine rankings for specific key words.  Through careful formatting, proper markup and well written web content SEO provides search engine spiders the optimal environment for a good ranking.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Google alone boasts a staggering 1 billion monthly searches worldwide, and SEO is the best way to get a piece of the pie, driving ‘free’ organic traffic to your websites. Search engine optimization ensures your websites markup, content and meta tags are search engine friendly, and once that is done, focus on building social proof, link building, and other online marketing strategies to boost rankings. The primary objective being to rank on the first page of search results for the selected term or keyword, giving anyone who is interested in what you have to offer the chance to become a user and in turn, a client.

What does SEO involve?

Optimizing a website to rank well in search engines can be divided into two basic sections, on-site optimization and off-site. Both are essential to landing one of the coveted top 10 slots in search results, and work hand in hand to provide an environment that is search engine friendly, and promotes high rankings.

On-site optimization works on the back end and the content of the site, using modern best practices to ensure the mark-up, copy, media, canonical and meta tags are formatted in a way the promotes rankings for terms that relate to the website content. Off site optimization on the other hand, focuses building links back to the website or page, building social proof and online marketing to build brand recognition to build trust in your site, and raise rankings.

So, what is search engine optimization? It is an essential part of online success, and the best way to drive free, organic traffic to your website.

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