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Yoast is a WordPress SEO plugin that facilitates every aspect of article creation. For those who want their content to be found, Yoast is an increasingly trusted innovation.

The Snippet Preview
One reason Yoast is such a valuable WordPress SEO plugin is the snippet preview tool. The Yoast plugin allows you to render how your final search result will appear. It lets you build every post you produce as well as helping streamline your entire site through effective SEO technique. Both rank better and have searches that are more likely to increase your audience.

Analyzing Pages
An attractive search result isn’t everything. Yoast goes further, automatically checking alt tags in images you put into posts, as well as helping you find keywords the plugin can help you utilize to maximum effect. In keeping with effective digital strategy, Yoast requires a focus keyword at the beginning of each post or page. Page analysis algorithms automatically check for subheadings to ensure meta descriptions contain this keyword. The plugin even analyzes the length of each post to verify it is long enough for relevancy in search results.

Automated Meta
Your meta data is as vital as remaining informed regarding burgeoning SEO trends. For this reason Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is designed with a distinct focus on your meta tags and descriptions. If your focus keyword isn’t in both meta description and tags, Yoast reminds you. If you have somehow forgotten to include any meta description, this is easy to see in the plugin; making changes uncomplicated. You can further optimize pages with meta titles and descriptions configured to match custom taxonomy archives, in addition to each category.

Search Extension Beyond Wording
Permalinking is important because it aids in keeping your site functional while maintaining references properly, so that they are realistically effective.

In keeping with being an effective design tool to help users put together an engaging SEO web presence, Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin likewise includes permalink reminders. Also, users can selectively allow or disallow inclusion of pages or posts on their sites in search results. The default settings index every page and archive, while also showing the first pages of a given section. This saves clutter and increases organization simply and elegantly.

XML sitemapping is likewise an integral SEO component, and the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin handles this cohesively. By checking a single box, Yoast creates XML sitemaps that inform major search engines of their existence. This mapping isn’t confined to text, either; also incorporating images.

Large Site Support 
Every post is optimized for searches equally. Organic sitemapping becomes more complex on larger sites, but Yoast meets the challenge. Using sub-sitemaps for every 1,000 posts, even the largest websites become far easier to manage.

Streamlined Organic Discovery
Two of the simplest ways to make sure your site receives organic traffic are the use of “breadcrumbs” and RSS optimization. With Yoast, you can link your RSS feed to your original feed and refer search engines to the source. Through “breadcrumbs” and a compatible theme, navigation for both search engine crawlers and web users is easy and allows your site’s structure to be communicatively conveyed. Even social media integration becomes simple to incorporate with Yoast. This is because the plugin allows direct implementation through Facebook and other social media apps.

Level Up
The Yoast plugin for WordPress that the team at Simplemachine uses,  helps take your website and blog a step higher. Simplemachine also provides assistance with:

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • content marketing

…and more. Should you require assistance on any aspect of development for your site, we are here to guide you. Through proven techniques we essentially enhance SEO success.

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