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Ever dream of having a quality and easy-to-maintain site for your business?  You see your competitors with these great looking sites, and you may scratch your head.  They can’t be spending that much more than you on their web development and upkeep, can they?  You may not have the right partner, and that partner may be Simplemachine.  Not only can our team build you a custom WordPress site, but we can help train you on keeping it looking fresh long beyond the initial launch day.  Our website training has the intent of simple delivery and extensive results.

An Extension of Your Business

You need to think of your web presence like an extension of your business.  Customers are no longer going to find you on Yellow Pages.  Instead, they are going to see you on Google and other search engines.  The website you show off to consumers will say a lot about whether or not you are desirable, whether you have products and services a customer needs.

Training for All Levels

The training has an audience made up of everyone.  You do not have to know anything about website development or maintenance to learn how to run a WordPress site.  The great thing about WordPress is the content management system or CMS that runs behind it.  Our team at Simplemachine will offer training so that you can get a solid handle on how to keep things updated, how to get content up on the site, reply to comments, and more.

A User-Friendly Solution

WordPress is a user-friendly solution.  You will always have the option to log right into the backend of your site.  You can make changes as you see fit once we run you through our training regimen.  If you end up with any questions post-training, we are also available to answer any of the concerns you may have.  WordPress is as easy as it gets, so if there are things you want to change, go for it!

Training Delivery

We deliver training in a way that will work for you.  Everyone learns differently.  We can have in-person meetings in and around the Bentonville, AR area.  We can also do training via instructional videos, as well as with screenshots.  It all comes down to what is going to help you get the results you seek.  Website training does not have to be scary, and we are fluid, flexible enough so that we can make it work for you, no matter your learning style.

A Full Hosting Provider

Simplemachine takes it next-level when it comes to getting you up and running with a quality WordPress site.  It is one thing to have a site built, but what do you do with it after that?  Simplemachine is the front-to-back solution, providing website hosting, going beyond getting the domain set and the site built.  It is all about keeping the site full of quality content, keeping it available for anyone who wants to check it out, making it as appealing as possible.

The hosting solutions available all include SSL Certified designs with up-time at 99.99% across the board!

WordPress is a powerful tool for website design and development.  If you are in the market to push the envelope when it comes to your web presence, to driving content that supports the sale of your products or services, WordPress is the way to go.  Our website training can help teach you all about WordPress, how to get into the back-end of your site and keep it running day and night smoothly.  Rely on Simplemachine and reach out to us today!  Whether you need a WordPress site or you already have one and want to learn how to manage it, our website training and a full suite of services is the answer!


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