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A business website is so valuable. It brings traffic and leads and puts your business on the global map.

However, did you know that redesign is just as important as designing the original website? Indeed, you may lose your Google ranking if you fail to redesign your site.

Of course, you don’t need to change everything. For instance, you should keep your branding colors unless you’re rebranding. You can also retain your URL/domain. However, breathing new life into the navigation, layout, linking, and user experience features drastically impacts the site’s SEO and lead generation performance.

5 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

To this end, we’ve identified five occasions to consider a website redesign strongly. If you see these signs, you better call a web design professional.

  1. You can’t recall the last time the website was redesigned

Fine, you built a beautiful website ten years ago. It’s done wonders for your business, generating visitors and converting leads every few minutes.

However, you can’t remember the last time you updated the site. For example, you can’t recall incorporating new trends or improving speed and user experience. You also can’t recall when you last updated the navigation.

This is often the first sign you need to redesign. Otherwise, the site will dwindle, and your business will suffer if you are not keeping up with the competition.

  1. You keep running into technical errors

Technical errors are the penultimate red flags. For instance, a 403 (forbidden) error happens when someone attempts to access unauthorized content. Therefore, constant 403 errors often mean you haven’t done your homework.

Similarly, 404 (not found) errors mean it’s been a long time since you updated your site. Again, it only happens if you moved or deleted several pages without affecting the updates on Google.

Other errors to watch out for are 504 (gateway timeout), 500 (internal server error), missing alt text, and duplicate content pages.

  1. Your website is not responsive or mobile friendly

A mobile-friendly website renders equally well on personal computers and mobile devices. Unfortunately, some website designs were built before the time of responsive design technologies.

A non-responsive website often returns broken images, missing text, and overlapping content on mobile devices, causing poor user experiences and lost conversion opportunities.

Therefore, you should strongly consider website redesign if your site is not mobile-responsive.

  1. Poor SERP ranking 

A good website ranks highly on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). You don’t necessarily need to rank at #1 for all your keywords. However, a page #1 ranking for critical keywords is necessary. Unfortunately, an old or poorly designed website constantly misses these targets.

Similarly, perhaps you’ve optimized your site for local searches but never ranked in the top pages for the target keywords.

It’s in your best interest to redesign such a website. The designer will improve the technical aspects of your site for improved search engine ranking.

  1. You’re not hitting your business goals

You designed the website with specific goals in mind. For instance, maybe you intended to generate 10,000 leads per month and convert at least 3% of the leads (300 sales).

However, recently, the website doesn’t hit those targets. The website doesn’t attract enough traffic, and the few who get through the door don’t convert to buying customers. Worse still, visitors spend less time on your site, and the majority never return.

These are tell-tale signs that you must breathe new life into the existing website or get a new website.


If you cannot remember the last time you had your website redesigned, now’s the time. Similarly, you should strongly consider site redesign if you keep running into technical errors, rank poorly, no longer hit your business goals, or your site isn’t responsive. Contact Simplemachine today to discuss your options.

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