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WordPress is the most popular web development platform on the planet thanks to its user-friendly tools for building professional websites. It has many benefits for people who want to focus on content creation and not worry about coding at all. Simplemachine offers WordPress hosting plans and here are six benefits.

1. Fast and Reliable

If you want your website to thrive you need it to load fast and be able to access the server quickly, which is what Simplemachine provides. Sites that take over 20 seconds to load simply don’t work because the average user will not wait that long for pages to load.

A site that loads too slowly is almost the same as a site that’s offline since Google and other influential search engines downgrade such sites in search results. Most web traffic across the internet originates with popular search engines, so if the biggest traffic generators don’t like your site, you’ll have to work harder to find customers.

It’s up to you as a website owner to make your site load as quickly as possible by paying attention to best industry practices. While your web host is the biggest factor for website speed, WordPress features can also help boost speed. Using WordPress themes sparingly helps because too many dynamic elements can make web pages slower. You can also reduce image sizes, use advanced caching techniques, clean up your WordPress database, and remove unused plugins to increase speed.

2. Avoid Downtime

While no host can promise 100% uptime due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, it’s possible to guarantee near zero downtime if the host uses backup servers and generators. Simplemachine provides 99.99% uptime. One of the deciding factors when choosing a web host should be reliability, which creates peace of mind that your business won’t be slowed down by technical issues.

In the early days of the web, when hackers were less of a menace and businesses still relied on brick-and-mortar principles, downtime was not as critical as it is now. These days, if people can’t access your site they typically click over to a competitor within seconds. You also need to avoid downtime to prevent losses in reputation, revenue, and even litigation. Business continuity is now one of the keys to a successful operation.

3. Secure Your Site with SSL

Every website now needs a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which puts the site on the HTTPS protocol, replacing the outdated HTTP protocol. The SSL certificate adds another layer of security and speeds up the site. Search engines are beginning to downgrade HTTP sites while browsers such as Google Chrome flag them as not secure, making the site look unprofessional.

At some point in the future search engines and browsers may decide to ignore HTTP sites completely. Adding SSL is not only a wise investment in faster web speed and security, but it’s also a solid investment in your site’s future.

4. Join the Content Delivery Network

Simplemachine uses the Content Delivery Network (CDN), which diminishes the impact of how far web content travels to reach its destination. CDN finds the nearest server to the requesting client. By using less bandwidth, the result is faster performance and better user experience.

5. High-Quality Customer Service

In addition to loading speed, customer service is one of the key factors that separate high-quality hosts from the rest. Simplemachine’s customer service is available to answer your questions and direct you toward resources to help with your web management. Whether you need help with web design, e-commerce, graphic design, lead generation, WordPress tips, or other web development concerns, we have highly trained friendly representatives to help you.

6. Daily Backups

Simplemachine protects your website and business survival by making daily backups of your website. Hosts that don’t offer daily backups leave it up to customers to make their own backups, which might not be feasible for small or inexperienced teams. Not backing up web pages is a recipe for disaster because if your site suffers a cyber attack it may disappear from the internet forever. You would simply have to rebuild your site from scratch.

It’s standard practice in the IT world to continuously back up files on at least three servers. But not all hosts subscribe to these standards, as some are more concerned with making money than providing data protection or other forms of good service. With daily backups, you can have peace of mind knowing your site will not collapse overnight due to some type of fiasco. Continuous, fresh backups are the simple solution for restoring corrupt or accidentally overwritten files due to employee error. Backups can help maintain an upbeat workplace, allowing you to focus on content.

Working with WordPress is an important step toward crafting a high-end professional website. But you also need a quality web host that’s been around and evolves with new technology for the best possible website performance. Contact us at Simplemachine to learn more about our web hosting plans and how WordPress can help deliver your web content to the world.

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