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Social media has become a cluster of well-developed companies offering marketing services to new and existing businesses around the globe. Unfortunately, many law firms underutilize this method of communication and opt for traditional campaigns.

While these approaches are still relevant, it’s important to maintain a diverse portfolio, using multiple channels. Throughout its development, one point has become clear: social media for business provides limitless opportunity.

Similarly, the internet has further connected potential consumers with law firms and proven that there is a major demand for legal advice in cyberspace. This is clearly evident in the number of do-it-yourself template sites that provide boilerplate legal documents as well as legal terminology searches by potential clients looking for quick solutions.

Many law firms continue to wrestle with how to channel the power of social media marketing into their business strategy. They want to reach consumers using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Luckily, this comprehensive list of eight hacks can help your law firm create a competitive advantage:

1. Exhibit A: Analytics-Focused Marketing

Companies offering marketing services will certainly utilize analytics as a strategic way to test a social media platform as well as your strategy. Of course, professional companies have powerful analytical tools at their disposal so you don’t need to invest in specific software to generate needed data.

One easy way to begin is by utilizing LinkedIn’s blog feature that allows you to regularly publish content. You can also integrate Google Analytics for tracking referrals, click-throughs and the overall level of engagement on your website landing pages. Most companies offering legal marketing services have even more powerful analytics tools to track these and a number of other important datasets.

2.Exhibit B: Develop a Company Profile Page

Don’t underestimate the power of a company profile page! When building any brand, top companies providing marketing services will tell you that creating a company profile will help build credibility by showcasing experience and educational background. Your company profile page will also help optimize web search results while housing your content.

3. Exhibit C: Employ Content Distributors

Once your team has developed authoritative, action-oriented and expert content, utilize marketing service tools like Outbrain® that can help distribute your online content. While they are considered ads, they don’t feel that way to audience-readers. Instead, they are more like articles and recommendations from an authoritative expert.

The Outbrain system determines who to send which recommendations based on behavioral target algorithms. From your end, simply create the ad and back-up content; the system will do the rest.

4. Exhibit D: Facebook Groups

In 2018, Facebook marketing services made many changes that allow content from groups to be more heavily weighted when appearing on newsfeeds. This simplifies posting for your firm.

First, don’t post all content on your business page; instead, build a Facebook Group. This can be accomplished by re-routing visitors from your business page to your newly-created group whenever you can.

Second, develop a schedule for a Facebook live video where you share useful legal information. This will appear in your group members’ feeds and create visibility and – most importantly – authority for your law firm.

5. Exhibit E: Facebook Paid Digital Campaigns

One of the best marketing services is offered by Facebook through paid digital campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager. Many law firms new to this feature make the mistake of promoting a post. This should be avoided because the rules of Facebook are constantly evolving and the ROI (return on investment) of that type of post can be uncertain.

Instead, focus on creating a post similar to a podcast. Generate an ad with a target market in mind and run with a pre-determined budget for each day.

Finally, develop an opt-in to capture email addresses which will add to your email marketing list. Furthermore, set up Facebook Pixel, an analytics tool, to track conversions, click-throughs, and other important information. It’s always better to create a structured campaign instead of random posts because the result will be more robust.

6. Exhibit F: Implementing Third-Party Aggregators

Social media aggregators offer marketing services that allow you to track:

  • Content across several social platforms
  • Interactions with posted content via re-tweets, likes, comments and shares (depending on the platform)

It may seem social media platforms are at war with each other for the users’ limited attention, but they don’t exist in a silo. Most users have accounts across multiple platforms. Therefore, an aggregator can help keep you updated on the larger conversation across several social media channels and utilize hashtags that are currently trending prior to oversaturation.

7. Exhibit G: Twitter

Since LinkedIn is a channel to establish your authority, Twitter is the place to connect with existing and potential consumers through conversation. This social media platform creates another opportunity for you to comment and broadcast current events whether they are related to law or not. As another form of marketing services, politicians at all levels are now in the habit of utilizing Twitter during campaigns so you should follow suit with meaningful, knowledgeable Tweets.

8. Exhibit H: Utilizing Personal Networks

The best aspect of social media is the amount of access it offers to business advertising and customers searching for services. Those using social media for posting are essentially accessing others’ lives. This can be harnessed by utilizing your law firm’s personal networks to share useful information, create live videos and showcase upcoming events on personal Facebook pages. These will be seen and shared by “friends” and family.

The changes made in 2018 by Facebook are more focused on personal connections within the business realm. As a result, utilizing personal networks to further broadcast ideas is a very strategic initiative. Of course, within your practice, it’s important to ask each employee if they are comfortable doing so; social media can be very personal for some.

With multiple social media platforms available, each of the integrated marketing services should be utilized to further reach, communicate and build trust with target consumers. Firms that choose not to make social media part of their strategy will limit their conversion of new clients.

These eight social media hacks are an excellent way to build your brand. Then, you can choose to hire companies offering advanced marketing services to help further boost your exposure.

Keep it Simple

Online marketing doesn’t have to be that difficult. Simplemachine is the marketing company that can manage social media campaigns and gathers pertinent analytics. We’ll report your wins and discuss needed strategies. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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