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The digital commerce wave is in full swing. Consumers and businesses alike are shifting from traditional commerce to buying and selling products online. Consumers now prefer to shop online for reasons ranging from convenience to lower prices. According to multiple reports, due to reduced overhead, digital stores (e-stores) can offer lower rates compared to brick-and-mortar stores without affecting their profit margins. Since delivery times have also improved significantly, it makes sense for consumers to shop online.

For businesses, the primary motivation for going digital is the shifting consumer base. With 60% of consumers now beginning their purchasing journeys online, not having your business online can cost you greatly. You’d miss out on the countless number of shoppers looking to buy the products you sell. Additionally, digital commerce opens up your business to consumers across the globe. This is a significant advantage over brick-and-mortar stores, which are hardly ever known beyond their local community. With digital marketing, you can sell your products to consumers from other states, other countries, or even different continents, boosting both your revenue and profits.

Even with this knowledge, however, a good number of small business owners haven’t taken their businesses online yet. For instance, according to a study by market leader Kiss Metrics, only 40% of SMBs (small and medium businesses) in the U.S. have a website. Since a website is the starting point of any digital marketing campaign, you can safely assume that a majority of these businesses are not engaging in social media marketing, content marketing, or most other digital marketing campaigns.

Who Is Simplemachine?

Simplemachine is a family-owned Arkansas marketing company that can help you launch and grow your digital marketing campaign from scratch. Headquartered in Bentonville and serving the wider North West Arkansas (NWA) area, the company is a one-stop shop for all digital marketing services and boasts unparalleled professionalism while offering the best prices in the region.

We serve local businesses in two main ways. First, we offer a complete digital marketing plan where you allow us to work on everything and wait for the results. For businesses that are just getting started with digital marketing, this can be an excellent way to catapult your business to the top of your competition in the shortest time possible.That’s because it allows you to focus on the core areas of the business, such as managing your inventory, while we commit our professionals to delivering on your digital campaign goals. Usually, the result is an unmatched efficiency that, in turn, allows a business to grow faster.

Alternatively, you can ask us to handle just one element of your digital marketing campaign. For example, if you feel that your advertising campaign needs a fresh approach, you can ask Simplemachine to handle just that aspect of your business while you manage everything else, including the website, content marketing, and the rest. It’s still a reasonably efficient arrangement if you can capably handle those other campaigns or if you have a different company running the other campaigns. However, this strategy can also leave you with a massive burden on your shoulders given that you’d need to coordinate everything once the various projects are completed. Letting our Arkansas marketing professionals handle everything means you only have to deal with one service provider, potentially reducing costs and the time spent in follow up.

What Do We Do?

Our motto says it all: “It’s Simple, We Want Your Business To Grow.” Our services are designed with the sole purpose of helping your business move to the next level. When you give us the job, our mission will be to help you see tangible improvement in your marketing metrics. Whether it’s traffic, leads, customers, sales, revenue, or any other digital marketing metric, Simplemachine has the talent and experience to ensure that you’re scaling the heights step by step.

Our Services

Simply put, we offer any and every type of marketing service that you can think of. If there is any digital campaign that would boost a business’ online presence and profitability, you can rest assured that Simplemachine offers that service.

That said, though, our Arkansas marketing agency focuses on seven primary services that we have identified as fundamental to business success on the internet;

  • Web Design

You need a professional website to succeed online. It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is, what you sell, or your industry is; without a modern, professionally-designed site, you’ll forever lag behind your competition.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, consumer attention spans are shrinking. Down by nearly 4 seconds since 2012, the attention span of the average consumer now stands at a mere 8 seconds. What this tells you is that you have at most eight seconds to convince a visitor to remain on your website. A poor website with outdated content and static images would therefore not get many visitors, especially if the site is also slow. And, even if visitors stay, your complex navigation and inadequate security would quickly cause them to leave your site.

Our Arkansas marketing team can help you move past that hurdle by designing and developing a professional website for your business. We will make sure that the website is responsive so you can tap into the vast mobile market. We will also ensure that the site is light and loads fast enough so you don’t have to lose traffic. On top of that, we also test for cross-browser compatibility, meaning that your content will render correctly on any browser. Above all, you can expect professional, 24/7 support if anything happens to the site. Whether it’s a stubborn bug or the need to add a specific feature such as shopping carts, we are only a phone call away.

  • Lead Generation

In marketing, the purchase process begins when you pique the interest of strangers who then visit your website and after that go through several other processes, such as signing up for your newsletters and emails, before finally making a purchase. A lead is that consumer whose interest has been piqued but hasn’t made a purchase just yet. They are neither strangers to your business nor buying customers, but you have the chance to convert them to customers because they’ve already shown an interest in your offers.

Since these leads eventually determine how many sales and customers you will get over a certain period, you should take steps to generate as many leads as possible. Simplemachine can do that on your behalf. Armed with many decades of experience and a dedicated team that’s willing to go any length to deliver on customers’ needs, we can set up carefully thought-out campaigns to help you generate a steady stream of leads.

What’s more, thanks to our vast experience, we’re able to consistently generate “hot” leads, further boosting your ROI (return on investment). “Hot” leads simply refer to “ready” leads. Often differentiated from warm leads that take longer to convert, hot leads are nearer to the conversion stage and can be sent straight to the sales department.

There are many ways we can generate leads for your business, with some of the most common strategies discussed in detail later in this guide. Put simply, though; we often turn to, among others, content marketing, social media marketing, forms, landing pages, and calls to action to generate leads.

  • Content Marketing

We also offer content marketing services. Content marketing encompasses all campaigns where content is used to reach consumers and convince them to take action. In inbound marketing, you can use content to generate leads, convert customers, and even delight consumers. We have the capacity to create unique content for each of these purposes.

By now, you probably also know that content doesn’t stop at blogs and web content. While those two are the most common types of content, there are several other types of content out there, and, to be successful, you need to mix things up. For instance, video is currently one of the most powerful types of content. Consumers naturally love them, videos are more engaging, and it has even been proven that people remember videos a lot more easily than they recall written content.

Another type of content that you should strongly consider is infographics. These content pieces are amazing. In fact, in a 2016 study, 45% of businesses said that infographics were their best performing type of content. There are many reasons why infographics perform so well. First, they are impressively easy to repurpose. With a single infographic, you can create a video, multiple blogs, and endless social media posts. Secondly, infographics present complex information in a simple form, giving readers an easy time. Also, infographics are excellent for traffic generation and have viral potential.

Our Arkansas marketing services cover all these content types as well as case studies, white papers, e-books, and checklists, among others.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After a professional website, Search Engine Optimization is arguably the most crucial factor in digital marketing success. At its most basic, SEO refers to the collective efforts put toward improving your performance on search engines. You need to understand, however, that it’s not just about ranking. Yes, SEO will help you rank better for relevant searches. But the foundational purpose of SEO is to improve your visibility for searches. When people search for items that you sell, if they are searching on Google, your brand name or names or of your products or services (depending on your SEO approach) should come up in the results.

SEO is even more important for local searches. Before going out to have coffee, a resident in your locality might first check with Google to find out the best restaurants offering their favorite type of coffee. Optimizing your business for local searches can help you appear in the top results for such searches so you can further stamp your authority in the local industry. Other than that, SEO is good for business credibility, brand awareness, and generation of traffic.

Simplemachine’s Arkansas marketing experts can help you with every element of SEO, from keyword analysis to on-site and off-site optimization. What’s better, we offer a free SEO audit where we analyze your site to determine factors that could be presently hindering your success. After the audit, we can get right to work.

  • Social Media Management

Social media is another key pillar of digital marketing. With Facebook boasting more than 2.2 billion users and other networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat having hundreds of millions of monthly users, failing to market on the platforms would be a massive disservice to your digital marketing campaign.

Additionally, social media is one of the best sources of web traffic. According to one Forbes report, social media networks account for 31% of referral traffic. Since referral traffic tends to perform very well conversion-wise, your business would be missing out big-time if you fail to market on social media platforms.

Most importantly, however, social media gives you a platform in which you can engage your customers and bring them closer to your brand. By chatting with them and sharing updates on a regular basis, you can get the customers to trust you more and get to interact with your products and services often. This closer relationship has been shown to increase brand authority and yield improved customer satisfaction.

Simplemachine provides management services for all the major social media networks. We can create, maintain, and consistently analyze your accounts to help you grow your following and get the most value from your campaigns. Using advanced tools, we can even track down individual users to determine how many sales are coming from each social media network.

  • Google AdWords Management

If you’ve been in digital marketing for even a few months, you must have heard about Google AdWords. A Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing strategy developed by Google, AdWords allows you to advertise on the Google search engine and Google partner websites (commonly known as the Google display network or simply GDN).

There are many perks of advertising with AdWords. First, it’s the most measurable form of digital marketing. Unlike other strategies where you mostly have to guess the results, with Google AdWords, you’ll always know what you stand to get. Also, AdWords is currently one of the most profitable digital marketing strategies. At the moment, for every $1 spent, you can expect a return of $2. That’s pretty impressive compared to other approaches.

It also goes without saying that AdWords is impressively scalable. You don’t need a big budget to get started. Even with a few hundred dollars, you can get your AdWords campaign off the ground and slowly improve as your business grows. The results also tend to come in pretty fast. As soon as you set up your campaign and pay up, your ads will begin to appear in the Google search engine and Google display network, then traffic will follow almost right away.

Our Arkansas marketing professionals have the experience and tools necessary to set up a winning AdWords campaign. We have been doing keyword analysis for years and understand which words deliver the most value for money. We also have the tools to track every detail of a campaign to ensure that you’re not losing money to a leaky campaign or non-performing keywords.

  • Graphic Design And Print

Finally, we also offer graphic design and print – a new service that we believe can help small business get their branding messages out loud and clear. Among other things, graphic design for businesses includes the creation of logos, business cards, postcards, brochures, magazine ads, banners, and branding and corporate identity material.

These items are often used as marketing material and sometimes given to customers so they can remember our brands for a long time. But did you know that most of the time consumers just throw away the business cards and postcards? Did you know that if your logo doesn’t stand out, then very few people will even notice it, no matter where the logo appears? And even if they notice it, not many will remember it a few days after first seeing it.

These are just some of the branding challenges SMBs face. Getting noticed has become very difficult because of the level of competition we’re witnessing. With businesses having gone global, even if you’re in a relatively small industry, you could still be competing with hundreds of other businesses globally – all of them working round the clock to be the go-to guys in the industry. It means that there is no room for complacency. You must be consistently professional in your branding efforts and win consumers’ hearts with lasting first impressions.

Simplemachine’s graphic design and printing services are meant just for this. We strive to help local businesses get noticed both locally and on a global stage. We want to ensure that when people come across your logo, they are instantly blown away and that when you give out your business cards to other businesses for B2B marketing, those cards won’t be dumped in the dustbin. We want to ensure that even months after first interacting with your branding, consumers can still clearly recall your logo, motto, and brand messaging.

Why Us?

Before we enumerate reasons that make us your best choice, it’s our responsibility to also warn you about the challenges of finding a reliable Arkansas marketing company. Many marketing companies are only interested in the money. We’ve been in business long enough to attest to this. All they want is to make a quick fortune with little regard for your success.

In fact, some of the marketers, especially in the digital marketing industry, are nothing more than imposters. They create a website, list things they don’t even know about as services they offer, pay a few people to write positive reviews for their company, and then come out claiming that they are the best around.

Don’t fall into their traps. Before trusting an Arkansas marketing company with your project, vet them to find out if they are legit. Find out if they indeed offer the services they claim to be offering. In fact, take time to speak to some of their past clients.That’s the only way to tell if you’re dealing with the best Arkansas marketing agency.

The great news is – we pass these tests with flying colors. Not only are we a well-known local Arkansas marketing agency, but we’re also recognized nationally, having won several awards over the past years. In 2017, for instance, we won the Main Street Member of the Year Award, a testament to our commitment to community service.

The following are five reasons you should choose us for your digital marketing needs;

  • We’re Local

The benefits of hiring a local company are obvious. First and foremost, just the fact that they’re locally based means that you can trust them more. In our case, for instance, we have our headquarters in Bentonville and another office in Tulsa. If you ever have a problem with our services, you can walk into any of these two offices and get the assistance you need. This proximity can also be useful when vetting our company. If you want to find out something about our past projects before giving us a job, you can quickly come to any of our offices and speak to the management in person.

Additionally, a local Arkansas marketing company, having gone through the same challenges other local businesses go through here, is in a better position to understand the pains of doing business in the area. Simplemachine is no different. We know the challenges facing business in Arkansas. With that in mind, we’ll always offer customized services and the best incentives to take some of the load off your shoulders.

  • We’re Professional

This is one of our traits, and all you need to do is speak to a past client or check our portfolio to get an impression of what we do and our quality level. Among other things, you’ll find out that we are easy to work with, always complete work on time, and our staff members are both respectful and eager to help.

We also understand that you need to have a say in how your work is done. If its web design, you may want to have a say in the color choices; if it’s content marketing, you may want to propose a couple of topics; if it’s social media management, you may want to provide guidelines for engagement. To this end, our communication channels remain open 24/7. You can call us, email us, or even visit our offices physically to have a chat about your project.

  • We Are Experienced

When we speak about our experience, we’re not just referring to the age of the company. Of course, we’ve been around for many years. But to us, experience is more about learning the ropes and knowing what needs to be done and when. It means being able to see the challenge in a project and finding the best solution, unique to that situation, to enable a business to come out of its shell and experience meaningful growth.

That’s the experience our Arkansas marketing team offers. Comprising unique talents and professionals who’ve been in the industry for many years, we’re able to assess projects on a case-by- case basis and find timeless solutions that will jump start your growth and keep you successful for a long time.

  • We Have the Tools

Successful digital marketing hinges on the ability of marketers to acquire and adequately use modern tools to track relevant metrics, obtain insights, and apply the right solutions to maintain growth. Simplemachine has both the tools and the talent to professionally use those tools to spur business growth.

Whether it’s social media management, web development, content marketing, Adwords management, or any other form of digital marketing, we have the tools to diagnose a campaign, set up a new campaign, and fix issues in an existing campaign.

We even provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help our clients manage their customer relationships. You can then use the data from the CRM to improve your overall digital strategy so you can attract more traffic, generate more leads, close more sales, and earn more revenue. Also, we offer social media syndication services that you can take advantage of to manage all your social media accounts from a single dashboard, reducing both the time and money spent on marketing.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Most importantly, however, you should choose us for your Arkansas marketing needs because we guarantee your satisfaction. Time and again, companies feel let down by the business partners they choose because when something goes wrong, the partner goes missing. In fact, it’s even possible to doubt whether the company you’re hiring can deliver on your project as agreed. What if they can’t meet the quality levels promised?

The moment you choose our Arkansas marketing company, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in safe hands. You don’t even have to worry about quality issues – because if you don’t like an element of our work, we’re always willing to go back and redo everything until you’re completely satisfied. It’s what makes us the go-to Arkansas marketing company. We always got your back!

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