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If you run a business that includes a blog and your not getting traffic to your site to read that blog, you may need to fine tune a few things. The core of your blog should be powerful information that keeps readers coming back. Essentially, you need to integrate well-designed content marketing into your posts to achieve that. Here are three powerful blogging tips that can pull more traffic to your website, encourage engagement, and ultimately have visitors buying from you.

Research Most Used Keywords
When your ideal customer searches the web for a particular product or service, they type in specific keywords into a search engine. Research what the most used keywords are, and include them in your blog post. There are plenty of free tools online like Google Keyword Planner to help you achieve this. This is the hub of SEO, and no blog post or article should be published without common keywords related to your product or service.

Be Original
There are far too many copycats in the world. What they don’t know is that the real gold lies with bloggers that produce original content. To ensure what you’re writing isn’t a piece of someone else, write a summary sentence of what you want to convey into Google. If something similar comes up, go back and try again. The world appreciates originality and integrity over all else.

Use Sharp, Interesting Images
In a world where content is everywhere, the fastest way to get someone to look at yours is to put something visually interesting in front of them. Crisp, colorful images that relate to your content will grab the reader’s attention and pull them in. Be original here, too. Use text and add your web address.

Before you begin utilizing these blogging tips, find and visit blogs that are similar to yours. What are they doing? How are they writing? What kind of images are they using that pull you in? Review the comments section while you are there. If readers are engaging and commenting, this is a blog you want to pay close attention to and emulate. Engagement means traffic, and traffic means increased sales. Blog consistently, too. Google grabs fresh, relevant content first.

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