Content Marketing IS Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing

Content marketing used to mean producing an article or blog post covering a specific subject in a specific industry. Now it means having an integrated strategy – utilizing both text and visual elements – that any industry can use for marketing, reaching the ideal prospective customers and driving sales.

That’s especially good news for small businesses, solopreneurs and small nonprofits. The Internet has given all businesses the ability to open a virtual storefront in the neighborhood or anywhere in the world. Couple that with an effective content marketing plan, all businesses now have the means to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.

Integrated Content Marketing
Using all the elements of a well-designed content marketing campaign –

  • relevant written and visual content;
  • SEO marketing; and
  • an appealing, interactive, easy-to-use website

–  attracts and engages audiences that are searching for you and are interested in the information, expertise, products or services you provide.

But small businesses don’t always have the resources (time, personnel) for marketing. That’s exactly why they should maximize resources – and the bottom line – with an integrated content marketing campaign that works seamlessly to identify qualified prospects, strengthens customer relationships, increases sales and builds the business.

It’s Not Just Written Content Any More
In the past, content marketing services were considered writing services that produced online newsletter articles or blog posts.

Content marketing services didn’t include best practices in how to reach customers, what to say to them once you found them, how often customers should be contacted, nor anything about whether the outcomes of those customer touchpoints helped or harmed the business.

Effective content marketing services still include written articles and blog posts. But long gone are the days when all a business owner had to do (under the heading of marketing) was throw together a pre-fab, cookie-cutter website, toss an article or blog post on it and hope to get noticed.

It’s much more involved today.

Social Media
Knowing where your customers hang out is hugely important in any online business’ marketing strategy.

Telling customers what they want to know, engaging them and interacting with them in the network of their choosing helps you become known as an authority and someone they like and can trust to do business with.

How you can most effectively do business online changes at the same speed that technology advances. That explains why having professional looking and well-executed visual content (videos, infographics and animated slideshows) has become the most efficient way to produce an emotional impression that makes your business stand out among the crowd.

Staying abreast of what’s new in communication is also a must-do for any successful online business. (For great information about the importance of mobile digital marketing, read “Why Your Brand Should Offer A Strong Mobile Experience.”)

SEO (or search) marketing methodologies change every time a search engine changes its search algorithms. Staying at the top of search results is dependent on knowing about the changes. (To understand the required strategies for successful SEO marketing in today’s market, read “Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?”)

Your Website Is Your Best Sales Tool
First impressions make or break your online business. That means it’s important to have a website that draws your customers in (with engaging text and visuals) and enables your customers to have a productive (from their point of view) and pleasant experience while on your site.

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