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Company's First Website | What To Consider

7 Things to Consider When Building Your Company’s First Website

Having a working website is crucial in improving your business. This is because online marketing and online shopping have increased rapidly. People always go through the internet to look for what they can buy before buying them.

If your business doesn’t have a working website, you are losing potential customers. Hire a website design company that knows how to create a professional business site. Your new company’s first website will help your business grow faster and allow you to reach potential clients and customers.

1. Mobile Website

Most companies have a working website. Sites help market your products to numerous people at once, and at any hour of the day. But when many create a website, they don’t consider having a mobile website.

Today, people spend much time on their phones and tablets. This means that when they want to order anything or shop online, they use their phones. Google gives mobile websites priority and higher ranking when someone is using their phone.

For this reason, you find that if you have a mobile website, you will be getting more traffic, which can lead to higher conversion rates. This helps capitalize on the potential customers who use their phones and tablets for Google search.

2. Use Current Website Designs

When creating your company’s first website, you should choose a current design. You don’t want to use an outdated design. This will make your website look like it was created years ago. Website designs are continually changing. One day you can find a design on-trend, and the next minute nobody uses that design. You need to keep up and know which design is trending and what can make your website more appealing.

When creating a website, you should consider creating a minimalist design. This type of design ensures that your visitors can easily navigate your website. Additionally, you can choose a minimal background that doesn’t overshadow the primary purpose of the website.

You can choose a white background or a solid color. A solid color ensures that the visitors are not distracted when navigating the website.

Designing the right website design can be a challenge, and you need to take your time. Ensure that the design you choose doesn’t overshadow your website. Also, make sure that the design can be easily navigated without any distractions from your main focus.

3. Create Your Content

When you have your website, you need to consider creating your content. This ensures that your website is unique. Also, since you are the owner of the website, you already know what your business is all about.

Even if you want to hire someone to write unique content for you. Having an idea of how you want your website to be can make it easier for the person who is editing your site. This allows you to give them instructions on how you want your content written with no difficulty.

4. Utilize Calls to Action

Most business owners don’t know the importance of a call to action. Calls to action can play a big role when you want to generate more leads in your company’s first website. They direct your visitors to other pages on your site:

  • If you have a new collection of products that you would like customers to see, a call to action can direct them to that page.
  • If you want to inform your visitors about any services that you offer, you can use a call to action. This allows your visitors to have easy access to your website and be able to navigate it easily.
  • You can inform your visitors to sign up for a newsletter by using a call to action. This will ensure that you establish brand loyalty.

5. Include Testimonials

Online marketing has dramatically improved, and people shop online every single day. Since you are shopping online, it can be hard to trust the products being sold.

Most people need to read all the reviews and testimonials and see what people are saying about the products. For you to gain trust with your customers, you need a testimonial page.

If the customers have a question about how the products work, they can read the reviews and find out. Also, if they need to learn about how responsive your customer service is they can go through the testimonials.

A review from a customer helps build your business credibility. This shows that your business is legit, and people can trust you. If you have a new business work on getting positive reviews from the customers. This will ensure that you get more customers and visits to your site.

6. Research The SEO

When you are running a website, the search engine optimization concept is what you need to always keep in mind. SEO is what makes your website rank higher on Google. You need to hire a website design company that knows how to create a professional website. They need to know how to produce great SEO copy to make your website rank higher.

A website that ranks higher on Google has a better chance of getting more visitors. People always click on the websites that appear on the first page on Google. This means that you need to ensure that your website ranks high.

SEO is constantly changing. Working with a web design company helps ensure that your website is kept up to date with the latest SEO strategies.

7. Have A Contact Page

When you create a website, make sure you have a contact page. No matter the size or type of your business, your customers and clients may have questions. Having a contact page ensures that if someone has a problem, they can easily reach you. Your contact page should have either a phone number, an email address, a physical address, and your social media accounts.

You should always have a contact form. This makes it easier for people to contact you. Sometimes people may prefer to contact you via a form, and when it’s not provided, it can be frustrating. A contact form is easy to use, and anybody who wants to contact your business urgently can use it. It works great if the person contacting you doesn’t have an email address, or their email is not working correctly.

Simplemachine Can Help

When you are building your first company website, you need to hire a professional company that excels at website design, content creation, and marketing. Contact Simplemachine to take the first step to build your company’s first website.

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