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The Internet is all about sustained traffic. Yes, more views is often better, but you also want these to be sustained views. Outside of news organizations where information posted is good for only a few hours (to a few days) and everything needs to be fresh constantly, you want quality material that attracts visitors. As you build your online marketing footprint you don’t want to just sustain visitor numbers, you want to grow them. To do this, you need to know how to create meaningful content designed to drive traffic constantly.

Don’t Just Focus On the Now

Headline news is great for instant views. You may boost your viewership in a short period of time, but these are viewers who will not linger around. You need to constantly create new headline articles just to maintain your viewership. Essentially you’re treading water in the ocean. Sure, you’re moving, but you’re not really getting anywhere. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having some headliners to bring in traffic, but you want content that lasts. That is why as you build your blog, video blog, channel or other marketing site, start with the evergreen material. Create top 10 lists (always popular) or how-to instructions (also popular). Build up this library first, and then start to sprinkle in the attention grabbing headliners. By doing this, you’ll hook interested viewers and keep them engaged with your quality library.

Get to the Point

Are you one of those people who just can’t help but read the very last page of a book first, just because? Why? Well first, it’s there, and second, you want to get to the point. The same is true with online marketing. Whether pushing your product throughout AR or to neighboring states, you want to highlight the topic and get to the point. Internet users have a very short attention span (with so many other options, why watch a 20 minute video when you can go to a different page and receive it in three minutes?). So, no matter your content and where you’re pushing the product/service in AR, you need to get to the point.

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