Four Legitimate Ways Social Media Helps Your SEO Efforts

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If you are looking for digital marketing services in Bentonville, then it is important to know what local search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it can help you drive traffic to your site. One of the most important factors of SEO is off-site signals, such as links, that help websites rank better in search engines like Google. As social media has become increasingly popular, so has its benefits to improving a websites search engine rankings. Here are four ways that social media can help your website rank higher.

1. More External Inbound Links- Developing great content is only the first step in an SEO campaign. Sharing your content across social media platforms is a great way to not only build your authority and reach potential customers, but also entices people to link back to your content.

2. Brand Signals- Many SEO experts think that simply getting mentioned on a website, with or without a link, can help you rank higher in search engines. Google uses this is a brand signal, also known as a co-citation. Social media can spur buzz about your brand and encourages co-citations across the web.

3. Traffic Volume and Site Engagement- Social media can drive huge amounts of traffic to a website, which is a major factor in search engine rankings. This is because much of the traffic driven by social media sites are blog posts videos, or other areas of a website that is not the home page. If a person stays on your site after viewing a video, instead of leaving your site, then that signal is actually contributing to improving your organic rankings. Google uses metrics such as bounce rate, pages viewed per visit, and time on site to calculate its search results.

4. Profile Ranking- Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook have very high authority, so it is not surprising that many of their company profiles end up at the top of search results. You can leverage social media profiles to help control your branded search keywords.

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