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Google Adwords Management

SEO and PPC (Adwords) are always in a battle. In fact, a majority of marketers are split on which direction to go. If you’re a smart marketer though, you should have realized that it’s never a case of one or the other. The two work best when paired!

Three reasons we believe every marketer should consider Google AdWords are;

  1. Adwords is scalable – Simply put, if you can create an AdWords campaign that converts at a profitable rate, then you don’t have to cap spending on the campaign.  You can just increase your budget knowing that your leads and profits will increase accordingly.
  2. Adwords is very easy to measure – Traditional methods of advertising, such as TV and newspaper ads, are almost impossible to measure. Even SEO can be a bit challenging to measure because you never know what actions led to an increase, or decrease in ranking. AdWords, on the other hand, is one of the most measurable advertising strategies.
  3.  Adwords is super flexible – With AdWords, you can be as specific as you want. You can choose to have your ads displayed only to people who search for a particular keyword. You can also narrow your audience by factors such as location, language, device, browser, and more. All these are impossible with SEO.

But, Adwords is also very complicated

Even veterans admit that AdWords advertising requires deep knowhow and very high levels of concentration. Why?

  • The wrong keywords can kill your campaign.

Your campaign, more or less, hinges on your keywords. Pick the right keywords and you’ll enjoy a profitable campaign for years. But, if you get your keywords wrong, you’re in trouble. You’ll quickly burn your budget without seeing any meaningful results.

  • Ad copy creation is another make or break.

Just as with keywords, the right ad copy can generate a lot of leads. You’ll see very high click-through rates which would allow you to net more conversions. Yet the wrong copy will quickly deplete your budget with very little to show for it.

  • Tracking ad performance is also a big headache.

The foundation of any good PPC campaign is the advertiser’s ability to track not only sales but also the source of those sales. You need expert analysis to determine which placements and keywords are likely to bring you more revenue.

There are many other challenges when setting up an AdWords campaign including mastering numerous terminologies, dealing with click frauds, and creating effective landing pages.

That’s where Google Adwords management comes in.

Google AdWords management professionals earn their living setting up AdWords campaigns for marketers. So, they have extensive experience. They know everything about keyword search, can create the ideal ad copy for every unique campaign, and have installed ad codes and tracked campaigns for years.

But most importantly, professional Google AdWords management companies have more time than you do. As a business owner or a marketer, you are probably juggling multiple activities. We’ve already mentioned SEO. You may also be managing your social media strategy as well as offline campaigns. While it’s okay to attempt all these, you may not be able to handle all of them comfortably.

Google AdWords management companies, on the other hand, do nothing else. They just manage AdWords accounts. This means they can hire the best talent to help them manage the accounts. They can also invest premium dollars to acquire the best, most up-to date technology for the job.

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