Google AdWords Management: The Opportunity Your Business Needs

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Signing up for Google AdWords is one thing. Managing a Google AdWords marketing campaign is a totally different animal. Simplemachine is here to handle the minutia of your company’s Google AdWords management so you can do what you do best: serve the influx of customers that walk through your door and contact your business. Keep reading to find out what is involved in the management of a Google AdWords online advertising campaign and why allying with an experienced management team is so important.

The Nuts and Bolts of Google AdWords Management

Simplemachine has experience combining targeted Google AdWords campaigns with SEO efforts and a highly polished website to improve what matters most: your company’s bottom line. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click means of advertising on Google’s search engine and other websites. Yet this advertising platform is not designed in a superficial or simple manner. It has a number of intricacies that allow users to incorporate in-depth strategies to achieve optimal exposure. Though Google AdWords customers pay for each click on their online ads, there is a complex bidding process for this highly coveted marketing space that takes shape before any ads are listed. We have managed countless Google AdWords marketing campaigns. You can trust our team of inbound marketing gurus to make prudent use of your advertising budget.

Google AdWords: The Ball is in Your Court

We view Google AdWords‘ extensive customer control features as a prime opportunity to reach your business’s target audience in a cost-effective manner. Customers are empowered with the freedom to choose exactly how much they would like to spend, the keywords or key phrases that spur the appearance of their Google AdWords advertisements and the specific websites on which those ads will be featured. Furthermore, Google AdWords even allows customers to select the time of day their ads appear, the locations in which these ads are shown and the flexibility to increase or decrease spending as necessary.

Our team is staffed with Google AdWords aficionados who know exactly how to gauge the success of client campaigns, analyze those results and make the appropriate changes. We study quantitative data to examine keyword performance and determine which keywords are likely to generate the best response. The key is to control Google AdWords content to suit each individual client’s idiosyncratic campaign.

Ally with Simplemachine and you will tap into a network of web content marketing experts who have invested themselves in developing methods to reduce cost per click while simultaneously boosting your campaign’s performance. Our team knows exactly how to measure keywords and AdGroups used in your Google AdWords campaign, make the appropriate changes and send online traffic to your website, propelling your business toward the ultimate goal of profit growth.

In the end, you should not be scared away by the complexity and extensive level of control offered by Google AdWords. Instead, view it as an opportunity to make prudent use of your limited marketing budget and connect with target customers who are already interested in your products and/or services

Simplemachine has the Google AdWords Management Experts Your Business Needs

Whether you have already started a Google AdWords campaign or have yet to explore this amazing online marketing opportunity, Simplemachine can help. Ally with our experienced Google AdWords experts and we will take care of all the nuances and subtleties required by this complex online marketing tool. This way, you can square your focus on serving your customers while we send the traffic your way. Reach out to Simplemachine today to learn more about our Google AdWords management services.

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