How to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Website

How to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Website

Many businesses are turning to WordPress when creating their company website. Whether the goal is to gain customers or promote their services in different ways via WordPress alone, or self-hosting through a third party with WordPress, driving more traffic to the site is always the number one priority.

Most website administrators are familiar with common drive techniques, such as promoting on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but there are are a few lesser known platforms that can be utilized as well to help create an influx of new clientele.

Other Social Media Avenues:

  • StumbleUpon – A platform that works and looks a lot like Pinterest. Its layout is somewhat the same except StumbleUpon uses client’s interests that have been checked off upon registering and only shows them what they are interested in. This is great for helping clients find specifically what they are looking for and nothing more. Administrators are able to “Stumble” their own work with increased views.
  • Reddit – Essentially a virtual bulletin board, Reddit offers a place for websites to post links to various articles, blog pieces, and/or text posts.
  • Voat – A platform similar to Reddit except the motto is basically, “Free Speech”. It focuses not only on the everyday text posts and links from site users, but primarily on the ones that may otherwise be sensitive to particular readers. Voat is a good place to promote if you have touchy or sensitive subjects to talk about.

Aside from the social media community that website owners are using to reach their target audience, there are also plenty of traditional ways to increase traffic drive to a WordPress website.

Traditional Ways To Increase Traffic:

  • Handling SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, the correct way. This is extremely important to make sure that a website’s content gets to the web.WordPress makes it very easy to optimize SEO, especially when self-hosting. Utilizing keywords and engaging headlines is crucial when using SEO.
  • Captivating images can create a virtual rush hour for websites. Unlike “click-bait” titles, a catchy visual that fits with your post or article is an excellent way to bring in more views. There are countless websites that offer free images that need no attribution.
  • Blog or write engaging articles frequently. Some administrators don’t have the time to write a blog piece or article every single day and that’s OK. Content creators can rough draft outlines before hand by utilizing the time they do have so that when it’s time to publish they have a skeleton piece already in the works. The more consistent the posting, the more likely a viewer will return.

Aside from the traditional methods that the dot com world has taught owners of websites to use, there are still the tried and true classic approaches to improve new followers.

  1. Read and comment on other blogs frequently. It’s often a good idea to comment under your own blog name which keeps your website name within visual reach of potential clients.
  2. Invite  your friends and family to your WordPress site. Many marketers overlook this highly effective way because it’s so obvious.
  3. Tell other website owners about your blog or website in any social media circles. Again this is obvious and often forgotten. Usually there is an unspoken rule that if another owner advertises your site, you should reciprocate the favor.

We understand that building your business clientele through the web can be daunting, but we’d be happy to hear from you and help you implement more ways to optimize the traffic flow to your website. Contact us today to find out about the services we offer!

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