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To increase your company’s Internet exposure while expanding, you need to use content marketing techniques. You must vocalize your message to your target audience so they are aware of new products, events, and updates. One of the best starting points is to formulate the details of how to reach your audience. The following is a five-step guide to help you reach your audience through content marketing.

One: Identify the Target Market

This is the starting point of all marketing campaigns so you can make sure the content focuses on a specific audience. The primary benefits to first identifying the target market include, maximization of time and resources, value proposition development, procuring investment capital and search engine ranking improvement.

Two: Establish the Content Type

Once you have identified the target market, you select the right content type that caters to that market. The three stages of the sales cycle state it best: awareness, evaluation, and acquirement. In the awareness stage, the potential consumer is looking for information. In the evaluation stage, the consumer is researching specific products. Finally, in this stage, the customer is ready to buy. Therefore, selecting the correct content helps the consumer decide on a product to buy.

Three: Pinpoint Marketing Channels

There are four factors in selecting content marketing channels: which channel fits your message, who your audience is, your budget and your overall strategy. The most popular online marketing channels include paid search, promoted social media posts, LinkedIn content, Instagram ads and owned channels like email marketing and social media profiles.

Four: Create a Posting Strategy

A posting strategy simply outlines the number of blog posts per day, week or month that you would like to set up to keep the audience updated and returning for more information. In a recent HubSpot study, B2B’s that post over 16 posts per month received 3.5 times more traffic than posting once per week and company’s posting over 16 posts per month receive 4.5 times more traffic.

Five: Execute the Strategy

With all of this information determined up front, it is now time to carry out your strategy which includes posting over 16 posts per month at the same time of day every day and constantly updating the marketing channels in which you have selected.

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