Why Simplemachine is THE Local Marketing Company

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There is no better way to market yourself than having an awesome online presence! A website, social, media campaigns, and great blog posts will put you ahead of your competition. Simplemachine will help you reach your customers more robustly with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing 

Geographical borders no longer restrict the digital market. Digital marketing is one of the ways to reach millions of customers. There are 3.2 billion global internet users; reaching these customers is a sure way of ensuring that you expand your market share and increase revenues. The ease of communication and money transfer has aided digital marketing as well. Here are four reasons why Simplemachine is your best local Arkansas marketing company:

1. You Can Have a Professionally Designed Website

A website is no longer “just” an information page; it also acts as a sales funnel where worldwide customers can learn about, buy, and pay for your products. Websites are integrated with intuitive ordering pages which are then combined with payment channels; debit cards, PayPal, and others. Simplemachine makes sure you get the best out of your websites by creating engaging visuals, great search engine optimization (SEO) content, and efficient load times.

Other vital features incorporated in your web design include easy-to-use mobile platforms with increased performance. Potential customers expect your website to load in under 2 seconds.

E-commerce websites

Most businesses have websites, so you need a competitive edge. Simplemachine can help you integrate e-commerce features into your website. We can help provide you with e-commerce solutions that will not only increase your competitive presence but also help you rack up more sales! Simplemachine uses WordPress® content management systems (CMS) for greater flexibility. You will evolve.

Our e-commerce-designed websites allow integration of social media and:

  • contract form
  • promo slider
  • search engine optimization

Contract form allows you to capture potential customer details and generate new leads. Promo slider is an e-commerce tool on a website that shows the site visitor the new products you are offering; discounted products and other exciting offers.

2. SEO Visibility for Your Business

SEO can not only increase your visibility but will also improve your branding efforts. With a total of 1.2 trillion Google searches per year, putting you on the top of the heap can only benefit your business! More customers will become aware of your products and know your brand.

Simplemachine understands your business needs and can customize your online marketing strategy. You want to build trust; we can help. Moreover, SEO helps increase regular traffic to your website. You will learn demographics about your customer base; where they live, gender, culture, age, and what they want. We can help your marketing strategies use SEO for the greatest return on investment (ROI).

3. Social Media is a Must

Social media is not only about awareness, but it also helps get positive customer feedback. The power of social media is huge. Simplemachine has the expertise to drive more sales through social media. Social media platforms like Facebook®, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have advertising features. Social media is a fast way to effectively drive the message about your products. We can integrate your online marketing with social media seamlessly. This means when Simplemachine creates content for your website, we can also create corresponding messages on social media; another competitive edge.

4. Words Can Only Help You

Blogging (content marketing) may not be as effective as SEO optimization and social media, but blogging is what your competitors use. In a business-to-business (B2B) survey for 2018, 91% said they use blogging as a “strategic marketing approach.”

Articles need to be written creatively to allow search engines to recognize relevant information coming from your website. Simplemachine’s content marketing service will help you come up with blog posts which will blend well with your overall marketing strategy and attract new customers. We want your blogs to become an effective asset to your company. Blog posts also help you to create credibility by sharing your expert knowledge about products and services.

Promote Your Brand with Digital Marketing

It’s simple. We want your business to grow. -Simplemachine

With decades of experience in digital marketing, our Arkansas marketing firm can help you realize more sales than ever before! We’ll help you invest in digital assets so your business has the best potential to grow. Simplemachine makes it simply easier to have an online presence. Call 877-524-6325 or contact us today and let’s begin the conversation about your digital marketing strategy and solutions.

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