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If you want to compete in today’s market, you need a viable internet presence. It’s not enough for you to be the best in your field if no one knows your company exists. That’s where we come in. I’d like to show you how my team can take your product or service from relative obscurity to being at the top of the list every time. More than that, I’d like to show you how we can help you use the internet to your advantage. Put simply, I’d like to show you how my team can help your company grow.

Today’s consumers like to know as much as possible before purchasing a product or service. Most use the internet as their primary source of pre-purchase information. Our content services educate consumers in such a way that converts visitors to clients.


A blog, or article, is the primary way internet users gain information. These articles can be conversational or instructional. Once the articles are written, my team and I post them to as many websites and social media platforms as possible. With the strategic inclusion of certain words that reflect your company, these blogs help drive consumers to your website.

Video/slide show creation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos and slides must be worth millions. Studies show that our culture prefers visual information. My team and I can create videos and slide shows that capture the essence of your company.


At Simplemachine, we use creative visual representations of your company’s key information to enhance customers’ retention of that information. This means that your company is the one they remember long after they’ve stepped away from their computer.

Social Media Syndication

My team and I work diligently to create content that is highly accessible to social media’s millions of users. Additionally, we syndicate and archive the articles so that people can access them at a time of their choosing, making your company a trusted go-to resource.

Social Networking

Marketing experts agree that in order for your company to go from “just looking” to actual purchasing, a person has to see your company at least twenty-seven times. Because the information on social networking moves and changes at the speed of thought, your company must make several posts per day. This keeps your company at the top of the news feed and seen enough times to drive sales upward.

We strategically place your company on social media in a way that brings clients to your website and to your door. You keep them coming back with your excellent products and customer service.

How can we help you succeed?

People use the internet differently than they use a newspaper or a book. Our team understands the way that people use the internet and creates excellent content that uses those patterns to increase traffic to your website and generate sales.

What are the packages?

Having a great website is one thing. Getting people to visit it is quite another. Even more important is converting those visitors into actual sales. We can do as much or as little as you need from writing blog articles to maintaining a sales-based website. Our web content services can be packaged to suit any company on any budget.

The Bottom Line

We want your business to grow. My team and I have help all kinds of businesses use the internet to generate sales from auto mechanics to architectural firms and everyone in between. Let Simplemachine help you grow your business by growing your web presence with our excellent content creation.

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