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In many ways, your business depends more on your website than any other outreach or advertising. No matter how great your marketing material is, if the website falls flat you may not convert leads into sales.

You likely depend on search engines to deliver a considerable amount of traffic to your page organically. But if your website lacks search engine optimization (SEO), it will not attract the kind of traffic it should. The importance of SEO and WordPress® for your website has never been higher. Here’s what you need to know.

Increase Organic Search Results

Advertising online is critical to your company’s success. From creating ad spots for Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other locations, internet-based advertising has a number of advantages over more traditional print, television, and radio.

The better your website performs through organic search, the less you may need to spend on advertising. With a higher search engine ranking, more potential customers will find your business website. This increases leads and conversions.

Performance can be improved upon when you optimize your search engine using a WordPress site.

Your Competition is Doing It

Chances are, your competitors are already implementing SEO practices into their websites. It doesn’t matter if you compete on a local level or an international level. You want to “keep up with” your competition, but you need to surpass your competition. With the importance of search engines continually growing, most businesses now understand the necessity of boosting search engine performance.

The best way to integrate SEO into your WordPress website is to partner with a company that has the necessary training, education, and experience to implement the latest SEO best practices into your website. This can increase your website’s ranking while outperforming your competition at the same time.

Bypassing the competition on search engines can give you a leg-up in sales. An interested customer will select your website first and click-through to continue shopping or buy quickly. These instant sales could have gone to the competition, but you were higher in SEO ratings. (They saw you first.) With proper SEO practices implemented onto your WordPress website, you may see an increase in traffic as well as a boost in sales.

Search Engine Requirements Are Always Changing

In order to ensure the very best search results, search engines like Google are constantly changing, tweaking, and evolving search requirements. Every search engine has a specific algorithm used to generate the best results. Well-known or flashy websites aren’t the highest-rated. It’s all about the quality of content on your site.

Search engines including Google monitor websites to ensure content meets the needs of the reader. Ridiculous use of keywords is one-way organizations may “doctor” their sites. Websites “stuffing” keywords into the text or even copying and pasting several keywords into the bottom of the website are now discouraged, but there are many websites that still do this.

If you used a website designer to build your website but haven’t updated the SEO features of your page, you most likely no longer have the most relevant information and design elements you need. You may have had a top ranking when you first designed the website and released it. But if you’re not staying on top of SEO changes, your WordPress website will begin to slide beneath other sites where the creators continually develop content and search engine changes.

It isn’t about reaching the top spot. It’s about staying there. 

WordPress Is Great if You Know How to Use It

WordPress is one of the best designing platforms out there. With so many plug-in features and designs, it’s possible to completely customize your website. However, with access to so many plug-ins (many of which are free and pre-created), it’s also easy to add features that can do more harm than good.

Your website uses a visitor’s web browser to process a data request. Additional plug-ins can slow the load time. A single second slow-down in your website’s load time will drastically affect the overall performance of your site, the number of customers you receive and the number of sales you make.

You want an appealing website that utilizes the latest SEO updates, not a website that has too many plug-ins and behind-the-scenes coding. Using too many plug-ins is like driving a fast car with the emergency brake on. It’ll still drive, but with a simple adjustment, you’ll experience a boost in performance. A dedicated, experienced team of professionals can fully harness the power of WordPress.

More Quality Visitors

Boosting your SEO isn’t just about increasing visitors. It is also about increasing quality visitors. A “quality visitor” is someone who’s interested in your product and is considering a purchase. When a visitor arrives on your website by accident, it may increase your numbers, but does nothing to help the bottom line of your business.

To target your specific demographic, you need a team that understands SEO and how to implement it into the WordPress platform. More important, your website developers know how to attract your target demographic by improving your website’s SEO.

There are so many variables when it comes to improving the performance of your website! You need to keep your search engine optimization in mind, but you also need to make website improvements with your target audience in mind. The team at Simplemachine will help you customize your website to do both.

And if you’re not sure who your target audience is, Simplemachine will work with you to review your current website analytical data. This way, our team can identify those who are visiting the site, what products are generating the most traffic, and whether or not these visitors are arriving through an organic website search.

Now’s the Time to Fully Harness the Power of WordPress and SEO

Your website can do more for your business than most other forms of marketing. However, if your website is unable to deliver search engine results, you will never fully realize your company’s potential. That is why you need to take advantage of the SEO and WordPress services offered by Simplemachine.

From helping you customize a new advertising approach to implementing new SEO practices into your WordPress website, Simplemachine has the experience and knowledge to help take your business to new heights.

All you need to do is reach out and contact the team today.

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