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Life is good in Grapevine, Texas. Positioned in the bustling northeast part of Tarrant County, this Dallas-Fort Worth suburb provides easy access to economic opportunity as well as natural features such as Grapevine Lake. If you could rewind time to autumn of 1843, you would find General Sam Houston at Grape Vine Springs, then known as Tah-Wah-Karro Creek. Houston’s meeting with representatives of nearly a dozen Indian nations set the stage for a treaty allowing homesteader entry into this beautiful part of Texas. The settlement was dubbed Grape Vine as it was in close proximity to Grape Vine Prairie. As most would guess, the area is known as Grapevine because of the region’s widespread wild grapes.

The first Caucasian settlement in Grape Vine occurred in the 1840s. This settlement was organized to help combat Comanche raids. Grape Vine continued to grow throughout the remainder of the 19th century. Nearly 800 people called the area home by 1890. These early residents enjoyed niceties ranging from cotton gins to newspapers, a railroad service, a post office and a public school. The settlement’s population continued to grow into the 20th century. By January of 1914, the post office combined Grape Vine into a single word: Grapevine.

Though the city’s population decreased when the economy faltered during times of war, Grapevine was eventually incorporated. The city’s economy bounced back, largely due to its cash crop of cotton. Cotton fields finally gave way to cantaloupe farms that consumed a whopping 25,000 acres. Grapevine was referred to as the Cantaloupe Capital of the World up until the 1980s. The city’s population bounced back after World War II ended. Development was further catalyzed when the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport was constructed in 1974.


Where We Are Now

Nowadays, Grapevine has more than its fair share of wineries, yet it’s no longer considered an agricultural center. Grapevine is best described as a center of modern-day commerce primarily because of its prime location near the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The city’s downtown corridor draws plenty of interest from visitors as well as Texas residents. Its many tourist attractions bolster the local economy. Visitors are treated to an array of entertainment options at enormous entertainment complexes such as the Great Wolf Lodge and the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.

Historic downtown’s Main Street is another top draw, featuring the Visitor’s Bureau, the Grapevine Convention Center and plenty of local businesses. Grapevine’s Vintage Railroad is a must-see. This railroad brings sightseers along a historic route from Grapevine to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Umbra Winery is another Grapevine highlight, featuring a bevy of popular tasting rooms.

In terms of jobs, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport employs more locals than any other Grapevine business or organization. Other significant local employers include GameStop Corporation, United Parcel Service (UPS), the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, Kobuta Corp., and the Gaylord Texan Resort.

Grapevine is home to the glorious Rockledge Park. This stunning waterfront green space provides visitors with the opportunity to paddleboard, kayak, bike, and hike. People of all ages will have an absolute ball at Rockledge. Admission is a mere $5, yet the scenery is priceless.

Locals and visitors alike speak highly of Grapevine’s model train layout. This uber-cute train station is perfect for kids, tweens and teens. Little ones can dress up in vintage clothing and go home with snapshots of themselves wearing these relics from the past. All in all, three trains are in operation to make the exhibit feel that much more realistic. If trains are not your thing, be sure to check out the Torian Pioneer log cabin. This antiquated building displays life in Grapevine as it was years ago. In fact, you can press a button on one of the cabins and listen to an audio recording that details the Torian cabin history as well as historical nuggets about its settlers.

Grapevine’s Glockenspiel Clock Tower is still operational. Position yourself across the street from this famous clock in the designated viewing space and you can see the clock in all its glory. Signs posted in the viewing space detail the history of Grapevine’s thwarted train robberies from decades past. The best time to visit the Glockenspiel Clock Tower is 4 p.m. when the clock chimes. Train robber characters also emerge at this time to put on quite the entertaining show.

Last but certainly not least is the 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial. This public art piece serves to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. Located just south of Highway 114 and mere minutes from Grapevine’s business district, the 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial is a quiet space that provides the opportunity to pay homage to the casualties of our country’s ongoing war against terror. 


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