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When you start your business, you should aim at improving your market share and figuring the strategies to use to get more customers. Having a website helps you in this and getting an easy to navigate and up to date website is a bonus. An e-commerce website for your small business is the best way to grow.

1.    A Website is as Cost Effective as Traditional Advertising

The use of conventional advertising is hard to track, and it is a bit expensive. Paying for a billboard advert, having an advert printed in the newspaper or in the yellow pages can be very expensive. Additionally, when you have an advert in the newspaper, it is hard to keep track of who has seen it and who acted upon the ad. When using a website, you can use the retargeting strategy where you reach out to potential customers who visited your site.

2.    Controlling Information

A website helps manage the kind of information that people will associate with your brand. If people have a negative comment, they have a platform to post it and you can take that opportunity and respond to them. This way, you stay in control of what people are saying about your products, and you can turn a negative comment to something positive. Additionally, you can use your website to establish your brand. Make people aware of what products you have and get them to trust your brand. Use a website to increase your number of loyal customers and improve your revenue.

3.    A Website is Easily Updated

Having a website is a great advertising strategy, since you can easily update the site and show all the products you have to offer. A few years ago, having a website was tedious work and most people opted not to have one. But these days, you can easily set up your website and there are a lot of content management systems that can help you update and change your website. Simplemachine offers free web design training with your custom WordPress Website.

4.    Become Competitive

All kinds of business have a competition, and it’s your job as the business owner to know how to handle the competition. You need to be at the top of the marketing strategy, and you need to be ready to compete in the market. Having a website allows you to associate with your potential customers and interact with them. You can offer promotion services and gift hampers to make people intrigued in buying your products. Additionally, you can offer to teach your customers about the products and let them know how to use them. This makes them confident in choosing the products and allows them to have a personal relationship with your brand.

5.    Create a Presence

Having a correctly established website can help you to create and establish your presence. Before any customer gets attracted to buying any of your products, they need to see what you offer. Customers will see how your business looks online, what products you have, and how other customers react to your products. They can associate with your business, develop a trust in your business, and get to know the products offered. If you have a restaurant, you can use WordPress to create a website that shows the food you offer and the setting of the restaurant. This intrigues your potential customers to try out your restaurant.

6.    Create Brand Awareness

In a world where the internet controls a lot of things from politics to businesses and schools,  you need to have a great website to let people be aware of your brand and what you have to offer. Having a website is like creating a first impression for your potential customers. Most of the customers decide if they will get your products and services according to how your website looks like. The quality of your website will determine their level of interest in your products.

7.    A Platform to Answer Questions

When people are interested in your products and services, they may want to ask questions. Asking questions allows them to get information about the product.  You should create an amazing website which allows your customers to ask the basic questions. A WordPress website is easy to navigate, and you can easily create an ‘About Us’ page. This allows customers to get to know the history of your business.

8.    Make Your Business and Brand More Credible

With the internet taking over most of the businesses and daily life activities, having a great website helps you add credibility to your business. Targeted customers expect to find information about your business online. A good website shows that your business is legitimate and credible enough for them to be involved. You can easily create a website using WordPress and allow your potential customers to learn about your business online.

9.    Get New Customers

Having a website provides you with a platform for getting new customers and developing trust with your customers. Most people turn to search engines when they are looking for a product or when they want some questions to be answered. If you have a website, you have high chances that people will be intrigued to take a look at what you offer. This sets you apart from most of your competitors and allows you to have an advantage. Additionally, having a website increases your visibility, and you have higher chances of getting visitors and new customers.

10.    Having a Website Levels the Business Playing Field

A WordPress website can give you a better shot at competing with an already established company.   This allows you to have a fair chance for your business survival and success since nobody knows if it’s a new business. Additionally, if your company can meet the needs of the clients and customers, they will care less about the size of your company.

11.    A Good WordPress Website Meets Customers’ Expectations

Most people are drawn to the internet, even when ordering something like groceries. When you have a website, this allows you to meet the expectations of your customers and provide them with the products they want. WordPress is well-known and can help earn a customer’s trust.

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