Who’s Using WordPress? 20 Popular Brands Using WordPress

Popular Brands Using WordPress

WordPress isn’t just for blogging. It’s also a popular website hosting platform, and many businesses—from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies—are taking advantage of this free, versatile content management system (or CMS).

In a global marketplace that’s increasingly focused on online accessibility, every business needs a website. And with CMS options as easy to use and scalable as WordPress, there’s no excuse not to have an online presence.

Here are 20 of some of the most recognizable brands using WordPress, sorted by category and followed by which particular WordPress system they’re using:


1. The New York Times Company [WordPress.org, WordPress MS]

The venerable newspaper’s corporate website and 60+ blogs run on WordPress, demonstrating that the platform is just as suitable for complex corporations as it is for small start-ups.

2. Time [WordPress.com VIP, WordPress.org]

Both the weekly news magazine and its parent company, Time Inc., use WordPress systems for their websites.

3. The New Yorker [WordPress.org]

Dating all the way back to 1925, this long-standing print publication transitioned its online presence to WordPress in July 2014.


4. CNN [WordPress.com VIP]

CNN’s blogs—such as Anderson Cooper 360 and The Chart (a health and medical news resource formerly called Paging Dr. Gupta)—run on WordPress.

5. The Wall Street Journal [WordPress.org]

The Wall Street Journal’s sizable network of 30+ blogs keeps readers up to date on current business, economic, political, and lifestyle news.


6. MTV [WordPress.org]

The entertainment network’s news, movies, and buzzworthy blogs are all powered by WordPress.

7. BBC America [WordPress.org, WordPress MS]

Using the WordPress Multisite configuration, BBC America manages a network of sites for its various TV shows, each with its own theme.

8. Variety [WordPress.com VIP]

The entertainment news magazine’s website includes interactive features and searchable archives, some dating back to the publication’s origins in the early 1900s.

9. Sony Music [WordPress.org]

The entertainment company encompasses several music labels (Columbia, RCA) and represents artists such as Hozier, Meghan Trainor, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, and Michael Jackson.


10. Forbes [WordPress.org]

This major business publication’s blogs are all powered by WordPress.

11. Fortune [WordPress.com VIP]

Another Time Inc. publication hosted on WordPress, this business magazine is known for its Fortune 500 list of top U.S. companies.

12. Quartz [WordPress.com VIP]

Atlantic Media’s global business new site, which features a mobile-first design.

13. LinkedIn [WordPress.org]

The official blog of LinkedIn, a social network for business professionals.


14. TechCrunch [WordPress.com VIP]

A popular resource for tech news and profiles on businesses and products.

15. Microsoft News Center [WordPress.org]

The tech giant’s news site (which has 794,000 followers on Twitter) is supported capably by WordPress.

16. eBay [WordPress.org]

eBay’s company website (not the actual e-commerce site) includes a news blog, videos, job listings, and other information.

17. Facebook Newsroom [WordPress.com VIP]

News, information, and events from the popular social network.

18. Flickr [WordPress.com VIP]

Flickr powers both its blog and its developer community site, Code.Flickr, with WordPress.


19. Charity: Water [WordPress.org]

The non-profit, which is dedicated to creating clean water sources in developing nations, uses its WordPress-powered blog to tell inspiring stories from its team, donors, and supporters.

20. Smithsonian Institution [WordPress.org]

Established in 1846, this group is administered by the U.S. Government and its Washington, D.C.-based complex includes nine research centers, a zoo, and 19 museums, including many historical landmarks. The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art website runs on WordPress.

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