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Businesses always look for ways to be ahead of their competition. You shouldn’t be left behind either. Competition is a continuous quest to be the best among your peers. E-commerce websites have brought with them tremendous benefits. Your website design, therefore, matters when it comes to generating traffic and solid leads. Potential and loyal customers will visit your page to learn about the services you offer and where you can be found. They can go ahead and book or order a service on your website. They can also pay for it through PayPal, VISA or Master card among other methods.

Reasons to redo your website 

1. Making an Impression- Opportunities to make a good impression in the business world come along rarely. First impressions don’t only apply to offline business transactions and presentations alone but also to online deals. Different people visit your website every day, either having bumped into it by accident or because they were referred there. The impression they get from your page determines whether it resonates with them or not.  Rebranding your message and redoing your website design, keeping in mind your target audience, can help to make sure that visitors’ first impression is a favorable one. It is important to note that the purpose of an impressive website is not only to grab peoples’ attention but also to keep it. When you stand out from your competitors and ensure that your message resonates with the products and services you provide, you can be assured of an increase in your business transactions.

2. Sharing Your Story- Creating space to call your own on the internet is an opportunity to share your journey as a business person. Human beings are social beings, and people are always delighted to read about how you made it work for you. Talking about your achievements and failures makes you relatable. Always updating your story and sharing about new accomplishments keeps your audience interested.  People are still interested in being part of a great story. To win leads over and turn them into loyal clients you must bring your story alive in a way that touches their lives. Consulting with a professional graphic designer from Simplemachine to assist you in website design helps you to add a soft touch to your story.

3. Setting Yourself Apart from The Pack- Your company could be offering something relevant to the market, but if you are not standing out among competitors, your business can’t reach its full potential.  Clients need a legitimate reason to pick you from among other potential sources of the same products and services you offer. You need to thoroughly think through the brand you want to put out to the public, ensuring its originality and uniqueness. Brands get old and need refurbishing all the time, the same applies to websites. If you are going to be different from the rest, you need to keep up with tides and represent your agenda correctly.

4. Audience Commitment- It is not an easy thing, to capture an individual’s attention and keep it. Even you tend to lose interest fast when things stay stale and boring. To make sure that you maintain consistent traffic to your website, you need to present something enticing. It is close to impossible to stay the same in an environment that is always shifting and still have a consistent audience. Refurbishing your website and introducing more fun features ensures that your audience stays put.

5. Reach out to wide audiences- Websites enable you to digitally market the products and services you offer as a company or a business. The fact that the internet is not geographically restricted means that having a website is like opening your business to the world. You have to bear this in mind when designing a new website and even when you redo the web design so that the message you put out cuts across all cultures and social standings.

6. Improve Sales and Savings- Reaching into your pockets to pay for a professional designer to redo your website design might seem to put a strain on your finances. The ‘spend now, save later’ philosophy comes into play in such scenarios. You will notice that a job well done by professional website designers will increase traffic to your website and increase revenue. In the end, you get to save much more than you spend on improving and updating the face of your page and improve sales as well.

7. Digital Campaign- As opposed to politics where campaigns are intensified when elections are around the corner, in business, a digital campaign should be a continuous non-stop process. Refurbishing your website regularly ensures that you put your agenda forward with the changing times.

8. Packaging and presentation – Web design plays an essential role in packaging and presenting yourself to your customers in a way that awakens their interests and keeps them coming.  Making sure that you redo your web design on a regular basis works as a rebranding strategy and also to show your online subscribers that you’re upbeat.

9. Site Accessibility- The purpose of starting up a website is having it accessible to the public and functioning in a specific way. You probably envisioned the features you wanted present on your site before you had it up and running. However, over time, there is a need to introduce new features due to necessity. Redoing the design of your website ensures you include these features.

10. Implement a Better Content Strategy

Showcasing amazing content can provide major results such as SEO improvement and increased customer retention. With the continuous changes to search engine algorithms, it is critical to executing a robust content strategy. However, high-quality content is useless if your audience is unable to find it on your website.

Therefore, if you choose to make changes to your content strategy, a new website design can be a major benefit. The new website design will help potential customers easily conduct research by finding your amazing e-books, blog posts, and other content. This will result in the growth of your leads database. If you are still not convinced, ask these questions:

  • Are search engines able to index your content?
  • Does all of your content integrate calls-to-action?
  • How easy is it for your customers to find specific content?

11. Third-Party Tool Improvement

Like most sites in cyberspace, you have embedded third-party tools, such as a shopping cart widget, to improve functionality for the customer. Unfortunately, if some of these tools are not up-to-date, they will not function efficiently. To determine whether to update or remove some of these tools, review the following three questions:

  1. Are there updated versions available?
  2. Are they working correctly?
  3. Is your site consistently slower than usual?

Nothing sends customers headed for the hills faster than outdated third-party tools that do not function as intended. By updating or moving to newer tools, your visitors will be able to navigate more efficiently which will turn them into leads and potentially conversions.

You are highly advised to seek the help of a professional website design service provider because they understand the theatrics better and are guaranteed to deliver. Trying to design your website on your own might have you overlooking essential features that help your site gain traffic and increase revenue.

A great website should have an order page that is combined with payment channels like PayPal and debit cards. This alone should tell you that it is a platform for business transactions. Redoing your website design should focus on improving visuals, improving loading time, making mobile platforms easy to use and using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For company owners it is no longer an option to have a website in today’s day and age, it’s a must. Because of the stiff competition and changing tides, you need to change with the times. A large percentage of the population buys products and access services online. Therefore, as a company, you should position yourself where you can be found. Check out Simplemachine today!


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