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One of the most effective marketing tools available to you is email marketing. In terms of cost effectiveness and return on investment, few other forms of internet marketing can compete. When properly utilized, you will connect with both current and potential customers. You should never purchase an email list, since this results in very little (if any) financial return. It may also cut down on your account rating, so taking advantage of a self-built email list is something your business needs to be doing. Simplemachine offers comprehensive email marketing assistance to help aid in your consumer outreach. Here are just some of the reasons why you should be utilizing email marketing to reach consumers.

Demonstrated Interest

Emails you gather for an email list come from individuals who have already demonstrated an interest in your products to some extent. These are individuals who have entered in an email address for the free offer you’re providing, a discounted sales price or upon making a previous purchase on your site. Whatever the reason, when you organically gather an email from a consumer, they have demonstrated their interest in what your business has to offer.

With this demonstrated business, they are more likely to open your email, read the contents and follow through with the call to action. This is also why it is so important to avoid buying an email list. Even if all the accounts on the list are active, the message recipients have never previously demonstrated any interest in what you offer, which means they are less likely to open the email and more likely to send it directly to spam.

Customized Marketing Opportunity

You have few opportunities to create customized marketing material. When you publish content to pay per click ads, social media ads, YouTube pre-roll videos or anywhere else, there is nothing customizable about what you offer. It’s exactly the same for everyone. With email marketing, you can completely customize the messages you send out to recipients.

With email marketing, you can segment the messages you send out. This is done through how you collect the emails. The more data you collect with the email, the easier it becomes to segment your lists and provide personalized email messages. Additionally, if you have the account owner’s name, you can customize your email messages further, including their name and any other information of importance to the message. The more personalized your email content is, the easier it becomes to connect with the recipient and to draw them (back) into the website to make a purchase.

Custom Email Marketing Campaigns

Measure Your Results

Most other forms of Internet marketing do provide some analytical insights into what’s working and what isn’t. However, email marketing provides you with information no other outreach method can provide. For starters, you can see who is opening the message and if they are clicking on the provided link within the email. As your analytical data continues to grow, you have the ability to alter your email marketing campaign to better fit the needs of those who are responding to the messages.

In the world of business, it is critical to continually evolve with the times and shift how you reach customers. Email marketing allows you to do this in near real time. Plus, with the help of a service provider, such as SimpleMachine, you can shift the way you send out messages and the kind of content you include in each message.

Mobile Connectivity

Most forms of online marketing are, in some shape and form, muted when a user accesses the internet over a mobile device. Advertisements do not always appear, or the ad needs to be specially designed in order to display on a mobile phone. However, more individuals now check their emails over a mobile device than on a desktop. Due to this, it becomes that much easier to connect with customers anywhere they are, regardless of where they are. As long as the email is properly formatted to open on a mobile device, it ensures that your email marketing campaign is able to be viewed regardless of where a person is and what they are using to view the internet. Most other forms of internet marketing are, at the very least, handcuffed when viewed on smartphones and tablets.

Remain in Contact With Your Current Customers

There is a reason why so many major brands continually advertise on television during major events. It’s not like you’re going to forget about Nike or McDonald’s or Coke. You know all of those products exist. Instead, it is there to remind you about the products and services. You’re not going to naturally think about McDonald’s on a daily basis, but the commercial is there to remind you of what’s available. The same is true with you and email marketing.

Email marketing reminds your current customers that you’re still around, offering the kinds of products and services they like. This comes in many different variations. You can inform current customers of the latest product releases or sales they might have interest in. You can also remind them of products they left in their digital shopping cart and offer extra incentives to finish the purchase.

Sometimes, all you need to drive up sales and bring current customers back into the fold is to remind them you exist and still have the great products they have come to enjoy.

Email Marketing Campaign

Excellent Return on Investment

No other form of marketing, whether through traditional means (radio, television or print) or online, offers a better return on investment than email marketing. When you break down what you spend per email per recipient, you’re likely spending a fraction of one cent. Now, compare that to what you pay for a PPC advertisement. With that, you may pay several dollars per click, and even then it doesn’t ensure that the click becomes a sale at the end of the day.

Email list services, such as Mail Chimp, allow your business to send thousands of emails a month for free before requiring you to upgrade your account. By building up your own email list and using such a service, the only thing you spend on your email marketing campaign is time.

There is a reason why email marketing can be taken up by companies both large and small. It doesn’t take long to create such a campaign, and it costs next to nothing to make it a successful one. So, while you shouldn’t abandon other forms of online marketing, email marketing is one outreach method you need to begin implementing into your business. This is one case where the best things in life are (almost) free.

Email marketing remains one of the best and most financially beneficial forms of internet marketing available to you. It does take some time and effort to build an email list, but once this is done, you have a valuable tool designed to drive in consumers and convert leads into sales. If you’re interested in building a strong email list, want to discover more ways email marketing can boost your consumer outreach or would like to learn more about what Simplemachine can offer, now is the perfect time to reach out and contact the team today!

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