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SEO Tips and Tricks | Dallas Business

As a Dallas business, you have ample competition not only in the city but around the state. Due to this, you need to do what you can to elevate your business above the competition. One of the best ways to do this is through your website. With proper website design, you’ll improve your search engine results, which in turn will help bring in more site visitors, allow you to develop more leads, and eventually convert these leads to sales. To do this, you’ll need to take advantage of search engine optimization (or SEO). As you’re in immediate competition with other companies in the region, here are a handful of tips and tricks you can use to boost your Dallas based business’s SEO.

Include Your Address On Every Page

Your business is a location business. This means you rely on individuals from within your given region to come and make purchases from your physical or digital storefront. Even if you sell internationally, you want to perform well locally. Due to this, you need to include your address, and not just on the “Contact Us” page. It needs to be present on every page.

The best way to accomplish this is to include your address in the footer of your website. This way, search engines will crawl your page and automatically identify every page as business information out of Dallas. So whether you offer car parts or lawn care services, by including your Dallas address search engines will now to provide your website higher on search results for potential customers who are looking to do business with a Dallas service provider.

Failure to include your address on every page can make it more of a challenge for search engines to know exactly your geographical location, which can push your search rankings down. By having it in the footer you don’t need to awkwardly mention it within the text of a page. It’s simply there. It also makes it easier for a website visitor to see your address.

Claim Your Business on Google

Google knows of your business and will feature it on its Google Maps application and website. However, Google likes when individuals utilize the search engine’s services and features. When you claim the business through Google it helps to put a “face” behind the name. It can connect other information directly to your business, which allows Google to provide improved search results. Likewise, it will help improve your overall search engine performance as well.

Use Google Services

In addition to claiming your business on Google, you’ll want to use different Google services. The more services you take advantage of the better. Some services make it easier to see how your website is performing (such as Google Analytics), while other services can actually influence your search engine ranking. One such feature is Google+. This social media service is largely forgotten and is not as popular as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (at least in terms of active users and posts). However, Google still likes it when you use its services and share content to Google+. So create a Google+ account and share all of your posts and updates. This helps increase your exposure while boosting search engine results.

Provide Directions To Your Business

Another element of geographical based SEO is the ability to share your storefront location with potential customers. One of the very best ways to do this is to include a map to your business. You can do this by importing directions directly through Google Maps. Again, Google likes when you use its services, which will help boost your search engine optimization. Additionally, as you’re identifying your business directly in Google Maps you’ll help improve your location based SEO as well.

So by providing directions to your business right on the website, it not only helps customers who might not know where you’re located, but it also helps improve regionally based SEO.

Clean Up the Website To Boost Speed

One of the most important things you can do to help improve your search engine optimization is to improve the speed of your site. By shaving off a single second of load time you’ll dramatically cut down the bounce rate while improving the number of visitors coming to your page (while also improving your search engine ranking).

There are a number of ways you can go about boosting your website speed, and while no one way will likely cut a second or more off of your website speed, making a handful of adjustments can make a lasting improvement.

First, you’ll want to revert to a white background. A white background doesn’t require coding, which makes it easier for Web browsers to process your site information. You will also want to cut down on the information and material you have posted per page. This both helps improve load time while allowing your website visitors to easily see the information each page has to offer.

You need to properly format images as well. Taking images directly from a camera or phone and uploading it onto your site is not a good idea. This is because the images are too large. A single image will likely be several megabytes in size (if not larger). If you have a few images on a single page this greatly drags down the load time. You can easily format the images down to a few hundred kilobytes, which will drop down your load time as a Web browser doesn’t need to download massive files.

Remove Dead Links

It is important to check the links you have on your website. Whether the links are internally connected or go out to third party websites, you need to make sure the links are directed to an actual website. Dead links will reduce your search engine optimization. These poor links will drag down your credibility, not to mention it can pull down the load time as well. All of these issues will harm the overall performance of your website. Thankfully, correcting the bad links is easy and only takes a few moments of your time. This way, your website will perform better not only for Dallas based visitors but from visitors from around the world.

Take Full Control Of Your Website With Expert SEO Services

These are just a handful of the tips and tricks you need to implement into your website. By making these subtle changes you’ll see sizable improvements in how your site performs on search results, which should boost quality site traffic and increase potential customers. However, search engines like Google are constantly tweaking algorithms and how rankings are determined. Due to this, what works today may not be the best course of action at the end of the year. That is exactly why you need to do what you can to stay on top of the changing SEO requirements.

The best way to do that is to turn to the SEO professionals at Simplemachine. Here you’ll have professionals who not only improve your current website but keep you up to date on the latest changes in search engine optimization. This way, you’ll always have the very best performing website in Dallas. All you need to do is call Simplemachine today.

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