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With the continued explosive growth of social media, health and beauty brands debut the newest products to their followers first to create exposure and awareness around the brand. Well-known beauty bloggers utilize social media to promote health and beauty products they love the most. With all of the benefits of social media, there are also challenges. Within the highly-competitive beauty industry, marketers must constantly create compelling content, respond to feedback (positive and negative) and create a new mobile experience while offering promotional items to draw in new consumers.

Compelling Content

Creating compelling content really draws in the potential consumer. If visitors like what they see, they will subscribe to your blog and follow you on all social media platforms. This will create exposure for your health and beauty products while keeping your brand at the front of the pack.

To create compelling content, you must have solid intel about your target consumer. There is a variety of analytics that provides data about your potential customers’ location, primary access method (mobile versus desktop), which pages they spent the longest on, and much more. Knowing this information will allow you to deliver the most relevant content. For instance, the Criteo Shopper Graph gives you access to three data collectives so your company has a bigger picture of the entire purchase journey. This information will allow your company to use data to connect with shoppers at any time of day from any location.

Feedback Response

Responding to feedback, whether good or bad, is an important opportunity to further connect with the audience. By doing so, you will create a two-way conversation and build credibility around your product and brand. Responding to positive feedback also improves search and SEO rankings while generating new customers. Responding to negative feedback gives you the opportunity to understand the issue from the customer’s perspective so it can be improved upon in the future. There is no downside to responding to any type of feedback as long as you do it in a calm, professional manner.

Mobile Experiences

With app usage growing tremendously each year, more global consumers shop from the palm of their hands than in the past. Therefore, the mobile experience for the customer must be flawless and feature responsive design, carts that transfer across multiple devices, images that are easy to read on the small phone screens and content that formats accordingly. To meet these high customer demands, your company must have an excellent mobile presence through optimization to capture all of the fast-paced, on-the-go opportunities.

Promotional Offerings

You want to create promotional offers, discounts, materials, and events that generate a buzz. This will aid your brand in gaining considerable traction with new customers and help to reinforce your existing clients. The more events or promotions that are available, the more customers will be drawn in to fall in love with your products.

Social Media

With regards to health and beauty marketing, Facebook and Instagram are the two biggest players. Shoppers are no longer simply browsing online, they are listening to what their friends and influencers are doing, noting the products they are using and watching the technique used to apply the product. In turn, that shopper is posting their own content at every hour of the day and night.

The most successful niche brands are posting amazing content regularly, include those from users, on social media channels. The result is building a strong and loyal following, especially among Millennials and the Gen Z group. Social re-targeting is an effective method of capturing additional sales by re-engaging those shoppers who are on the fence about specific products but are already engaging with your brand. Also, through regular social media updates, your audience and consumers will be informed of new information on your products. It is also beneficial to create posts with industry news and articles to strengthen your reputation as an authoritative source in the industry.

Video Re-targeting

Video re-targeting is a marketing strategy that most are unaware of but cannot be ignored. Statistics have shown that shoppers spend around one-third of their online time watching videos. With more potential consumers engaging in online video across multiple devices, video advertising is continuing to drastically increase each year. Within each posted video, it is critical to feature a call-to-action that transports the user directly to the product page to find out more information or make a purchase.

Since potential consumers have a lower attention span than in the past, the videos should not be long. Video clips of around 20 seconds are preferred. The more videos you have available on your site with calls-to-action, the more you will see conversion rates and shopper time spent on the site increase and a huge decrease in the dreaded percentage of abandoned carts.

Health and beauty marketing is a tricky game to master. With trends changing at the drop of a hat, once fiercely-loyal influencers now bashing your brand and tiny niche brands flooding the market, it can be unbelievably difficult to differentiate from the pack. The good news is there are many concepts that can help your brand rise above the rest and generate new sales. All of the most successful health and beauty brands are using the technology in the palm of your hand to reach consumers in new and creative ways.

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