Taking Content Marketing to New Heights with Infographics


With well-designed infographics you can simplify your content marketing information to a visually engaging format that connects on a deeper level with consumers, while also offering more captivating content that appeals to new consumers to your business website. Visual images can be very effective when used to represent information or data to promote your business. In other words, a good infographic is actually “worth a thousand words” in promoting your business.

Infographics in Various Formats

With each unique engagement you can achieve with infographics, it comes out naturally from thinking critically about how you can provide the most value with your message. The infographics that are ideal for your business can be utilized in various representations that can deliver your product or service message to the audience following your story. You can have infographics in various formats which are as effective in reaching out to your audience:

Annual report designs: you can use infographics for your annual business report in an easily digestible format for your audience to understand quickly and to support your business goals and messaging.

Branding: with infographics to better communicate your business values, your product or service, by building your business brand with a close-knit visual identity that promotes your brand and makes your content instantly recognizable to your audience.

Data visualizations: that are effective on conveying the most relevant ideas in a concise format—great at increasing the appeal, comprehension, and retention of your data.

Illustrations: which come in handy in complementing your marketing content with the visual element that tie your business ideas together using a range of print and digital art, from e-book cover designs to images for your website and e-newsletters to visually enhance your content and effectively communicate your message.

Interactive infographics: suitable for presenting data with assorted layers, as well as presenting huge amounts of data or information in a succinct, organized, and logical manner—with a focus on intuitive user experience to guide visitors to your website to the most meaningful information.

Motion graphics: are effective when you combine both visual and acoustic stimuli done in a manner for your brand to present a single idea, process, and key message to elicit a robust emotion and create a firm connection between your content and your audience.

Video direction and production: with audiences increasingly eager to consume live-action video, creating fascinating live-action video content with use of the right mix of visuals and audio that tell your brand’s story in an engaging, entertaining and poignant way, is one of the most effective ways you can reach viewers and increase your brand awareness.

Visual Content Strategy

Bottom line, you should have a visual content strategy for your business which is crucial to the successful development and distribution of your marketing information. With the right of mix of infographics you can take your content marketing to new heights with the support of an effective website to successfully showcase your brand identity. The design and development of a functional website that serves your brand and your customers is what will provide the ideal visitor experience across multiple devices and browsers.

If you want to take your content marketing to new heights, with infographics, SimpleMachine can help you with the visual advantage you need to grow your business. If you are a business owner or looking to open up a new business, SimpleMachine  has the pool of expertise and all the tools necessary in web design and development, graphic design and print design solutions, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media, for you to achieve your goals with infographics marketing for your business.

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