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Importance Of Google My Business Account | Simplemachine

Technology has resulted in the invention of a wide array of tools that have entirely revolutionized the global space. One such technology that has streamlined operations among small and medium businesses is Google My Business (GMB). It’s a tool that has changed SEO and digital marketing.
Most digital marketers have embraced this new technology that has since enhanced the way they reach out to their consumers who use Google as a search engine. Signing up for Google My Business increases your visibility on Google Maps and Google Search. In addition to that, a listing also assists with knowledge graph performance and Google Plus.

Read through to find out the top 10 reasons why a Google My Business Account is essential:

1. Appearance on Google Maps

As stated above, a listing on Google My Business goes a long way toward guaranteeing you a presence on Google Maps. Appearance on Google maps comes with a multitude of benefits. As a small or medium business, your location is inherently crucial to your customers. Having a Google My Business account gives your potential customers directions to your store. Consequently, such customers can easily find you by using the shortest route to your premises.

2. Increases Conversions

The ability of your customers to see you on Google maps makes it possible for them to head there for purchase. Consumers are more inclined to visit your location if it’s a short distance away. A vast majority of searchers who looked up information about a local business usually end up purchasing items from the same store.

3. Increases Visibility

Potential customers who don’t make their purchases from your store will still have your store ingrained on their minds. Even though they didn’t do business with you, it’s vital that they already know about you. This increases their chances of heading there next time.

4. Displays Important Information

Google My Business performs the role of presenting information that may be of importance to anyone who may search for your business. Such information may include a description of your business, phone number, photos, directions, busy periods, and hours of operations.

The information that surfaces is enough for a searcher to determine whether they’ll procure your services. They’ll learn about your products from the description of your enterprise. Subsequently, they can find out your store from the directions after which they can contact you from your business phone number that’s displayed.

5. Facilitates Sharing of Business Photos, Videos

The recent improvement that was done by Google has facilitated easier use of the Google My Business account platform. For instance, it’s now possible to share posts, photos, and videos about your business.

However, you should be selective when posting images since such pictures will be center-weighted. Different guidelines also affect the videos that are posted. For instance, any video you post will have to be 30 seconds or less. Additionally, it will need to have a resolution of at least 720 pixels and be not more than 100 MB in size. Finally, you’ll have to exercise some patience. The video you post will be made available in Google search results and Google Maps after 24 hours.

6. Facilitates Sharing of Business Posts

The additional feature comes at a time when most business owners are looking for an effective means of disseminating more information to their clients. Therefore, you can use the platform to update your clients about product announcements and details as well as upcoming events.

Moreover, any update you share is shown both in Google Maps as well as Google Search. It makes it easier for anyone who searches your business in your local area to see them.

Furthermore, you can also incorporate a call to action like “Visit” or “Learn More” within your posts as a way of enticing your searches to click on them. Indeed, you cannot afford to miss out on benefitting from such a massive branding opportunity that can increase your business’ chances of success in the competitive market. The texts you post will usually compromise between 150-300 characters. The first 100 characters will appear in the snippet. Occasionally, such posts will last one week.

7. Appearance in the Local ‘3 Pack’

The first three results that appear on the Google search result usually search for ads. A Google map follows suit after which there will be the local “3 pack,” and finally, the organic search results.

Whatever results that appear on the local three-pack are those that are most relevant to the item you’ve searched. Below are some of the advantages of appearing in the local three-pack:

  • Every result that appears in the three-pack will have its contact information, business description, as well as the location. All these will be conveniently displayed below the clickable blue title.
  • Improves visibility of your business. Everyone who searches for services or products that you rank for will view your location, offers, and all posted information relating to your enterprise.
  • Searchers have a ten times likelihood of clicking on the results that are redisplayed on the local ‘three-pack.’
  • In case you’re wondering how you can appear in the local three-pack, you’ll have to submit information on your business to Google My Business. It’s the only action that will guarantee you an appearance on the three-pack.

8. Chat With Your Clients

Besides having the unique ability to chat with your clients on social media, you can also chat through the search page. You’ll find it amazingly easy to send a message to the clients while they are still on the search page.

Consequently, you can efficiently have a conversation with such a customer. You’ll first have to turn on this feature within your Google My Business Platform and wait for messages after that.

9. You Can Easily Share Your Menus

Having a Google My Business account is an ideal way for restaurants to advertise their menus for free. Moreover, you’ll find it seamless to edit and add menu titles, prices, and descriptions in equal measure. Furthermore, you can break up your menu into a different section like appetizers, desserts ad entrees.

10. Call Tracking is Now Possible

Gone are the days when you couldn’t ascertain the origin of a call that was made to your business. Most organizations couldn’t pinpoint the exact location where their calls came from in the early days. However, the problem has now been solved.

Google My Business added a feature that quickly notifies you of the exact location where a call made to your business is coming from.

Bottom Line

Google My Business is an excellent way for you to increase your visibility to both your current and potential customers. Make a bold decision today and be part of this technology that has revolutionized the business arena. Contact the experienced professionals at Simplemachine to find out more about how to market your business.

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