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When starting a company, you need a brand that is specific to what you are all about. The brand shows what the company can offer and helps people identify you.
As time changes, so do the target market. This may call for rebranding to fit in the new market scene. Also, your company may have faced some challenges and the brand reputation isn’t doing well. You need to save your company by rebranding.
Make your company sound, look, and feel better. This will make the target market associate with you and want to buy from you. This helps establish brand loyalty and improves your sells.

1.    The Brand Mission Has Evolved

When your brand mission changes, you can rebrand your business. This happens when the market condition changes. This forces your business strategy to change.
With time your brand finds itself growing and expanding. This calls for rebranding to fit all your objectives on the logo. You can start a company that sells prescription drugs, and as the years’ progress, you start offering medical services.
When this happens, it calls for rebranding to include all other services you offer. You reintroduce your company with a different brand design that shows who you are.

2.    The Brand Is Confusing

Sometimes your brand can be confusing. This means that it can be hard for people to know what your company represents.
You need to come up with a brand logo and name that indicates what you do. What services are offered in your company?
This helps new customers in knowing whether they are in the right place. When your first logo and name is not working, you can change it.
Choose something easy to remember and with a great slogan. Make it easy to associate and the people can know what services you provide by seeing your logo.

3.    The Brand Is Not Differentiated

You may get the need to change your brand logo and name to fit the needs of the market. As time goes by, people and market evolve. You need to try to keep up and maintain your brand looking fresh each year.
This helps you get new customers and establish brand loyalty. However, changing your brand doesn’t always work in your favor.
People may be used to your old logo that when you change to a new one, they are afraid to get your products. Some may think that the new brand name is not legit and lacks creativity.
If you still want to maintain brand loyalty, you can change back to your old logo. Stick to what the customers think works since the customers are always right.

4.    Your Business Doesn’t Work Well In Some Contexts

When your business grows and expands, you might find that your logo doesn’t work well with the context. This could be due to language changes and the country.
Some logos and colors may stand for a different thing when translated into a new language. This may make you lose some of your customers and prevent you from getting new customers.
Ensure that your logo is not offensive in any language or country. When you notice that your brand name will make you lose favors in a new market setting, then you need to change it. Chose a brand name that works in any country to portray a positive image.

5.    The Brand Has A Bad Reputation

This is the main cause of rebranding in many companies. Sometimes your companies name may be tarnished, and the only way to save your company is by rebranding.
When you receive a lot of negative comments and customer complaints which is beyond being saved. The only thing you can do is rebrand and save your company.
Come up with a new logo that is better than the previous one. Offer great services and customer services. This will make the market warm up to you and the services you offer. You can establish brand loyalty and trust by rebranding.

6.    You Want To Command A Premium

Sometimes you may need to command a premium and expand your market. Your brand needs to show that it can provide and deliver high-quality services. You can change the brand to show this to your target market.
This works when your brand is already doing well, and you need a little tweak to make it outstanding. You can change the font, add a new logo, or change the tagline. Branding requires the use of social media to establish your place in the market.
Make your brand appeal to the new target market. Try making it look great that the target market will want to be associated with your brand.

7.    Your Brand Is Outdated

You may be the owner of a company for generation and different decades. You need your business to stay relevant to the new generation. In as much as you want to maintain your old customers, you still need to have new customers.
This can be achieved by rebranding and introducing your company to a new target market. The market should feel the need to be associated with your brand. Ensure that your company stays relevant even after years.
Branding ideas change with time, and you must keep up. This ensures that people can associate with your brand. This establishes brand loyalty even after years.

8.    Branding Is Part Of A Business Change

This mainly occurs when you buy an existing company. Most people sell their companies due to bankruptcy, mismanagement of funds, bad reputation, and debts.
When you buy a company or a company exchanges ownership, you might want to rebrand. This is to ensure you get rid of any negative and bad publicity the previous owners may have had.
You establish a brand and make it unique and new. Also, the business may be doing great and have a great reputation. Due to a merger, diversification, acquisition, or a legal dispute you may need to rebrand.

9.    The Brand Becomes Constraining

When you are starting your company, you want your brand name and logo to represent what you offer. However, with time, this may change, and you might find yourself diversifying.
If your company was offering breakfast, as time changes you start offering lunch meals and rebrand your business. You need to have a brand that incorporates everything you offer.
The brand should be a representation of everything your company is all about. Since people can associate with your brand, changing it to an inclusive brand can work to your benefit. You find that you get new customers who didn’t know of the service, and you establish brand loyalty.


Establish a brand can help improve your business. Branding is always the key to a successful company. People learn to trust and associate with your company due to your brand. Simplemachine deals with web designing, rebranding of a company, and online marketing. This helps you reach a bigger and better market.
When your company’s reputation is tarnished, or you want to reach a new target market rebranding is the way to go. You can contact us for some rebranding services and ideas that will keep your business fresh.

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