Video Marketing Provides a Visual and Emotional Draw

A video has the ability to dazzle and impress individuals on a level that no text can ever really achieve. Video marketing provides a visual and emotional draw from the readers. They are vastly different mediums, and marketing that deploys video campaigns notice themselves really edging out the competition.

The video game and entertainment web giant IGN made all their reviews with text. But on the onset of YouTube and other popular video services, the website began collectively providing video reviews for the content. A lot of the webpages had a video at the top followed by the text. These two vastly different mediums work together to provide the same sort of results. They bounce off each other. Some individuals that wanted a more depth textbased review could just read the content, but the visuals and seeing the game or seeing clips from the movie were hard to deny. Video as a powerful marketing tool offers that visual connection which produces more web traffic.

Emotional Punch

The best content has an emotional punch where viewers can connect, and this is especially important for competing brands in marketing. There’s something about a visual medium that attracts that emotional touch, and this makes it incredibly powerful. It is easy to tell a story through video where it provides a visual. Not only is it visually-based, but it can go a lot faster. A book is lengthy and in-depth, which is great for novelists and reading enthusiasts, but not so great for marketing.

Making Friends with SEO and Videos

Most marketers understand that SEO is naturally important for writing and text. But developing SEO benefits in a video campaign is little different. It may include links in the actual content, which is something that YouTube is well-known for now. With video content though, is still important to have keyword functional headlines and descriptors.

Video as a powerful marketing tool works in sight and sound to tell a story on a very different level than what can be found in text. But the smartest marketers engage in both ways. They have the more in-depth content written out, with a different type of approach put into the video. This gives the marketing efforts a fully fleshed out sense.

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