The Concept of Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites Responsive web design is a brilliant way to develop great looking websites for any device, from a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop, to a smart TV. Your web design should aim at [...]

Content is King

It is no secret, and probably comes as no surprise to you, that consumers are becoming increasingly resistant to and tired of traditional marketing and advertising messages. They quickly [...]

What is a WordPress Plugin?

If you have recently discovered the wonderful world of WordPress and all the functionality and flexibility it offers in building a professional website, then you are one step closer to success. [...]

Flat Design, Less is More

Style choices change over time, whether you’re talking about home decor or website design. In the past, website designers focused on rich design elements to make the page more three-dimensional [...]

Video Marketing Provides a Visual and Emotional Draw

A video has the ability to dazzle and impress individuals on a level that no text can ever really achieve. Video marketing provides a visual and emotional draw from the readers. They are vastly [...]

Empowering Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Woody Allen wrote and directed just under 50 movies throughout his career. David Foster Wallace wrote a 1100 page book over the course of a year, and he reportedly wrote upwards of 25 to 50 pages [...]

Top Web Design Trends of 2015

There are many obstacles facing marketers and designers as they work on new brands in 2015. But there always seems to be a pattern in new trends and how they are being adopted. Top Web Design [...]