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Located in Collin County, Allen is widely revered as one of the more beautiful Dallas suburbs. Allen’s roots are in the railroad industry. Today, this city is bustling with economic activity even though the rails are used at a much lower frequency. From corporate offices to shopping centers, parks and beyond, Allen has a little bit of everything. However, Allen has not always been this way.

This part of Texas was once called home by indigenous peoples such as the Comanche and Caddo. European immigrants arrived in Allen around 1840. The city’s namesake stems from a railroad businessman and politician named Ebenezer Allen. Much of Allen’s initial growth was fueled by the Houston and Central Texas Railroad. The rail industry facilitated the sale of diverse crops across the land. This industry eventually gave way to cattle ranches, some of which still exist in modern-day Allen.

Allen served as an important stop along the interurban rail line operated by the Texas Traction Company. Originally a small town with only a couple hundred residents, Allen was eventually incorporated in the early 1950s. However, the history of Allen cannot be told without extensive discussion of its Native American roots. The entirety of Allen was occupied by Native Americans prior to the arrival of immigrants from other parts of the United States as well as Europe. These tribes moved west when the European settlers arrived. Some of the natives were forced to relocate just north of the visually stunning Red River. Natives and early settlers infamously clashed at Rowlett Creek back in 1844. This event is commemorated with a historic marker on State Highway 5. Though the removal of Native Americans was certainly unjust, Allen would not be the economic hotbed it is today without the early settlers’ obsession with manifest destiny.

The area’s first settlers took the Central Nation Road and Texas Road to reach their new home. J.P. Morgan purchased Allen’s railroad about 30 years later. The rail changed hands once again a mere six years later when Southern Pacific acquired it. By 1918, the railroad featured a passenger and freight depot smack dab in the center of Allen’s Central Business District. This depot was constructed after a fire ravaged the CBD in 1915.

Allen’s Interurban rail line shut down in 1948, causing the local population to decrease to a mere 400 by 1950. However, the construction of U.S. Interstate 75 a decade later helped Allen bounce back into the busy city it is today. The fact that InteCom and Developmental Learning Materials relocated to Allen in the 80s also helped set the stage for myriad corporate relocations and startup enterprises throughout the area. The construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport along with the presence of nearby Plano and Dallas have also facilitated rapid growth throughout Allen.


Where We Are Now

Today, Allen stretches a total of 27.1 square miles. Aside from a few diminutive ponds, the entirety of Allen is land as opposed to water. This city’s population has skyrocketed from a mere couple hundred people to more than 100,000 as of the time of this publication. Take a walk or ride around Allen and you will find plenty of landmarks, attractions, and businesses. Allen residents are particularly proud of the fact that their city is home to one of the last remaining stone dams in the country. This dam functions as a water station for H&TC railway. Known as the Old Stone Dam, this site will be repaired to mitigate the damage stemming from erosion. 

Allen visitors and locals alike obtain great enjoyment from the historic Water Station Trail. This trail provides the opportunity to experience the essence and history of Allen firsthand. Trail visitors traverse the destination bridge that leads to the crushed granite loop. Here, interpretative panels provide all sorts of interesting facts about the Historic Water Station. This lovely train is easily accessed through Allen Station Park.

The Allen Heritage Village is conveniently located at 450 E St. Mary Drive. The Village serves to recreate Allen’s unique past through a series of outbuildings, homes and even a church in of the city’s most historic spaces. Created by the City of Allen along with the assistance of the Allen Heritage Guild, these historic structures have been thoroughly restored and renovated to portray Allen throughout several periods of time. The Allen Heritage Guild provides tours, events and open houses for guests to access these local treasures.

Allen is also known for its Heritage Center and Depot Museum located at 100 E. Main Street. This landmark displays Allen’s rail history in full glory along with local historical heroes such as Ebenezer Allen. Anyone interested in Allen’s history will find this site’s photo collages quite intriguing. 

When it comes to economic activity, Allen is not the busiest city in Texas yet locals have plenty of opportunities. Local employers include Experien, Frontier Communications, PFSweb, Jack Henry & Associates, the Allen Independent School District, the Allen Premium Outlets and The Village at Allen and Fairview.


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